All quiet on the blogging front

March 8, 2006 2:59 PM

No world-shattering news. No disasters. Just your average misery and violence reheated and reserved – same shit, different day. Nothing explosive on the blogosphere. No blasphemy, no sex scandals, and no one spouting ridiculous words to be put down.

Cut to me. I had a great weekend from Friday on. Now everything just seemed mundane in comparison. It’s times like this that I sometimes wonder what if I had more dramas in my life. I’d definitely know how to blog it. I’m an old hand at it now! But then I’m not a drama queen. Heck I’m not even a queen period! (Think how different this blog would be ;)).

Or how about some emo crap involving a girlfriend or a lover? Then again, emo crap from a guy is just very NOT masculine. I’m so not a SNAG and I’m not a CUNT either – caring understanding nineties type. Heh, that’s old even back in the nineties. 😛

You know what, I don’t crave excitement for the sake of excitement. I’m comfortable in my own little rut, rolling up and down the sides, watching the waves trash up and down all around it. Ok that’s one too many metaphors in that sentence.

Shite, so how do I end this meandering piece of mundane-ness? Ok how about this – I get a high from riding on a rollercoaster but I don’t want to be on one all the time. Or, I like spicy food but too much of it just makes me feel shitty. Ah, perfect. 😉

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7 thoughts on “All quiet on the blogging front

  1. Leonard

    sigh….this happens to me too…

    nothing interesting to read recently after the tammy news…

    male bloggers kinda hard to have high traffic…less things to blog..cannot camera whore and post great pictures of urself…

    why am i not female??!!

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