Penang Day 2-3 Pics

March 12, 2006 12:00 PM

These pics were taken on the days described in Penang Update 3 and Penang Update 4.

The stay in Penang revolved a lot around food. Just for variety, I decided to take some touristy shots of the place. Here are the results.

These were taken in an inner-city bar which has a very colonial feel to it. Can’t remember the name of it. On the night, Choy asked me where did I want to go. I said any place that served beer and has girls for me to look at. By sheer coincidence, we walk into this bar and they had a Miss Tourism Penang pageant going on. Bonus!

The ppl that went. Left pic, from back to front: Choy, my cousin Shane’s girlfriend Su-Fern, my brother Marvin and I. Right pic, that’s my cousin Shane.

Later that night, we headed to a mamak stall for some nasi kandar. Enroute we saw this very beautiful colonial era building. And the food. OMG, I’m drooling just thinking about it. To wash it down, we had teh-tarik. Woo.

The next day we headed into town to collect my new passport, and what else but more food.

This is a HK-style restaurant inside Gurney Plaza that we went to for brunch, which I thought was quite well decorated.

Then as we drove into town and later walked around, I took these touristy shots.

After we picked up my passport, we headed for a late lunch at the famous Swa Tow Lane. It’s a cluster of stalls around a back road. Famous for the curry laksa, or curry mee, ice kacang and cendol.

I had some hokkien mee as well. And yes the stand is right above a storm drain. In a tropical country, you gotta get use to that. 😉

The next day we would be going to Langkawi – the last leg of my 2005-2006 holiday.

The complete Flickr set of my Penang pics.

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6 thoughts on “Penang Day 2-3 Pics

  1. mooiness Post author

    Domestic rat: I had CKT everywhere around Penang. I think I had the McCallister Sisters one before – this wasn’t my first trip back. 🙂

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  4. Eleanor Hoh

    Enjoyed seeing and reading about Penang. My family are thinking of having a family
    reunion there next year. I teach wok cooking in S.Florida and Tiger Beer sponsors all
    my cooking events. I also did some promotions with them, here’s my blog where you can
    read about it:

    I am Chinese/Malay, my father is Hakka and my mum was born in
    Singapore. I’m making a note of all the eating places. That’s what Asians do when we
    gather, we eat.

    Was there any that stood out?
    I read you owned a restaurant, were you the chef? Did you serve Asian food?

    Thanks for insight to Penang.

  5. mooiness Post author

    Hi Eleanor. Thanks for dropping by!

    Places in Penang that stood out – there are many but it is probably not where the tourists would go. Because I’m not a local I can only give you these two approx. locations of the kopitiams that serve a good variety: one on Sri Bahari Road, and another in Pulau Tikus. Hope you can find them!

    I wasn’t the chef at my restaurant – my mom was. Mostly, I did prep work and finishing off. We served mainly Malaysian Chinese food.


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