The Lack of “It”

March 12, 2006 2:08 AM

I love you long time

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had it on a regular basis – sex, that is. Compounding my frustrations is that I don’t believe in one-night stands because I feel and know that it is infinitely better when there’s an emotional connection. However, I do believe that I tend to overthink it too much sometimes.

Usually, the way I’d relief the frustration is the age-old “self-loving” with the aid of porn. I’m quite the avid consumer of it. Sometimes I vent it by driving too fast in my Skyline. Occasionally, the urge would get so strong that I’d even contemplate paying for it. But then I thought that that would be a slippery slide into something not so good.

Already, I don’t need any excuses to walk into a strip club. In fact I think it’s par for the course on a night out. If I start paying for sex, I’d be even more desensitised to it all. Where it’d get to the point that my view towards women and relationships would be warped completely. And I can’t allow that to happen. Somehow I still hold on to the belief that sex should be had with love, and not without.

Shit, a single guy with principles. Fuck me, indeed. 😉

15 thoughts on “The Lack of “It”

  1. SimplySiti

    You sure do think alot. Sex IS nothing but, sex. Throw in the alcohol and Walla!

    But oh well, good to know there are still erm.. sensitive guys around.

    Hurray for sensitive guys like you!

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