Being dependent on ecstasy

March 13, 2006 7:08 PM

I left early last weekend at Two Tribes. Simon stayed behind till about 10:30pm. When I was talking to him yesterday, I found out that he had to help out an acquaintance who had too much ecstasy – 3.5 tablets to be exact.

Let’s diverge temporarily and talk about how “e” works. In a nutshell, it stimulates the release of seratonin by your brain – the stuff that makes you happy naturally. Where the brain would release this chemical in spurts, the drug can be likened to opening up the tap. So you’d get high, very high from ingesting one pill of e. Especially when you do it for the very first time. It’s like being really drunk but still sober and not throwing up.

The long term effect of that is that your brain can’t release seratonin as effectively on its own anymore and becomes dependent on the drug. It’s very likely that you will become more moody and possibly depressed without it. However as your dependence to it grows, so does your tolerance to it. Therefore you need more and more to get the same high – like any drug. (read more about it on the Wiki article)

So back to the acquaintance. He took so much that he couldn’t walk straight, let alone drive home. My thoughts are that if you have to take 3 or more just to get high I think it’s about time that you should stop taking e. And the ironic thing was, him and his friends didn’t even get up and dance. Instead they just sat around looking stoned.

I have taken e before. I like it. The first time was one of the best times that I had clubbing. However, I don’t feel the need to take it *everytime* that I club. I guess it helps that I’m naturally hyper and happy. Give me a couple of strong drinks and I’m there already.

I wonder if ppl who are normally moody are more susceptible to the lure of the drug. Like if they don’t take it, they think they can’t possibly have a good time no matter how much they try or have drunk.

It ain’t cheap here either (AUD$35-40 per pill). Plus although you can have a regular and reliable source of the drug, the reality is that what you get on the street is often mixed up with other highly toxic stuff. As if that’s not enough, your body overheats because of the drug. Not only can you die from the overheating, you can also die from drinking too much water as a result.

The safest thing to do? Don’t take it in the first place. But if you do, let someone know and watch out for each other. Everyone reacts differently to it. And when you have to start taking more and more, I think that’s a sign that you should stop. Plus it’s only ever good if you space it out by about a month or two at least.

Frying up my brain to feel happy now just to feel depressed later on is not my idea of good long term planning.

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12 thoughts on “Being dependent on ecstasy

  1. CherryRipe

    I agree with you on e not being ‘good long term planning’. Taking e every weekend is a recipe for future extended depression. Actually, if one is taking any pharmaceutical just for so-called partying every weekend – bad idea. Takes a long time for the body to get back to making its happy juice on its own after that sort of sustained partying.

  2. Lynne

    It’s so not worth it, ‘cos once the brain is fried, it’s irreversible … Just stick to alcohol. Besides, true rave fans do not need E to get high, the music is enough … 🙂

  3. mooiness Post author

    cherry: week in week out … I’ve known ppl who’d take most of the next week to feel “alright” again. And then the process repeats itself come weekend. No good, no good.

    lynne: yup I believe the “true rave fan” bit. As for alcohol, heh … some ppl may say that’s bad for you too. Same goes with cigarettes.

    But I guess the distinction between them and “e” is that you won’t die from one drink or one cigarette, but you may die from one pill of e.

  4. mooiness Post author

    michael: nope it’ not. 😉

    leonard: if one is naturally happy go lucky most times, then they may not become so addicted to the high even if they have taken the drug before. But if one is gloomy most times, and you are only happy when you take the drug then you are more likely to keep using it.

    Hmm, what price happiness? Long term brain damage.

  5. rationalneurotic


    you’re high with drinks.
    out of curiousity, you take the E.
    you like what you feel.
    you take more of it the next time.
    it becomes a vicious cycle.

    Seems like a classic case of nothing is good enough for the individual. I’m glad you’re objective about it. The world needs more of these people. =)

  6. mooiness Post author

    rationalneurotic: yup you have to be aware of the risks when you do something potentially self-harming. If you still wanna do it, then you got no one to blame.

  7. rationalneurotic

    well, there’s always someone to blame if you look enough… =( it’s the individual’s character. But I hope that it doesn’t boil down to that.

    I’m convinced I’ll die from these stuff, so my brother isn’t really worried I’ll try them.

  8. girlstar7

    I thought that was a good column, as it was very objective. you noted the down-side of taking party drugs however you admitted you had tried e and liked it, and said that if people want to try e, they should do it safely. I have experimented with party drugs myself, admittedly; I’ve had some really good nights on e or speed, and they’ve made me feel pretty good. however, I stopped taking them because the high I got while on the drug wasn’t worth the come-down the next day. I was left feeling moody, depressed and sleep deprived. it often took me days to feel completely back to normal. I prefer nights on alcohol myself; at least if you drink too much you can just pass out!
    you mentioned your friend that took three and a half pills. sadly, I have met people that have taken up to 7 or 8 pills in one night because they have such a high tolerance. god knows what they are doing to their bodies.
    I agree with one of the earlier comments; if you are THAT into the music, you can definitely enjoy it without the aid of drugs!

  9. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: exactly, there comes a point where the come down is just not worth it anymore. Woah 7 or 8 pills?!

    And about the music I’m one of those that can get the chills (in a good way) when I hear a good tune. Natural high. 🙂

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