Hell hath no fury …

March 17, 2006 1:20 PM

We hear these stories over and over again but they are still entertaining and funny to those of us who have been fortunate enough to not have went through it. A girl caught his boyfriend cheating on multiple occasions and the rest is eBay history!

Maybe Jesus will forgive him, but I won’t. I hope he rots; the sooner, the better.

In closing, I hope that every man and woman who has even remotely been in this situation can find it in their hearts to bid on this foul collection of disgusting items and at least afford me the opportunity to buy my favorite brand of Vodka (GREY GOOSE) SO I can once again get the inebriation required to get through another day of total hatred without needing bail money.

I must warn you that this package will not be a very pleasant one. The computer is shot (no pun intended), the clothes and shoes are burnt and among other things the underwear are crotchless. Thank you for listening and if you will excuse me I am going to mix a bottle of something.

The eBay posting. (Stumbled upon via digg)

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