Langkawi Pics

March 18, 2006 2:00 PM

These pics were taken on the days described in Langkawi Update.

On a fine Saturday morning, we set out for Penang International Airport to fly out to Langkawi, the resort island off Kedah state.

The flight was an hour and we had a rental van waiting for us on arrival.

First stop was at a kopitiam for some lunch. The beer guzzling started then.

And it continued in the van after we stocked up at the nearest duty-free shop.

We then headed to a supermarket to stock up on essentials: water, junk food and instant noodles.

After that we checked into our chalets and rested a bit.

That night we went to a Cuban theme restaurant called “Cuba Libre”. They served all-you-can-eat carvery and roasts.

We followed that with a spot of drinking by the beach.

Then morning came and we had breakfast … by the beach of course.

The following two days we did hiking, cable-car riding and lazing on the beach.

The beach was excellent and so was the weather. Ah am missing it again just looking at these pics.

Here’s a video of us driving to Langkawi Airport to fly back to Penang. It’s mostly in Hokkien.

Complete set of pics are at my Flickr set.

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