The way I work

March 21, 2006 11:55 AM

I’ve come to realise that the way I work is very similar to the way I studied back in uni. Unless I’m very busy, my attention span goes for at most 20 minutes. After which I would have to stand up and walk around, surf the net or find something to eat or drink. When I used to studied in the uni libraries there was an added distraction: girls. Not only the sight of girls but their scents as well. Anytime I smell something nice waft through the air, my concentration is shot to bits.

Now there’s no girls at work at all. ZERO. Which explains why I miss working in the city and how it’s hard for me to turn down an offer to go for happy hour drinks with friends who do work in the city.

Erm where was I? Oh yeah, my attention span. Yes, I’m easily distracted. *ahem*

4 thoughts on “The way I work

  1. Leonard

    when my exams are coming, i always like to revise at school as there will be galore of babes, nevertheless they’re distraction to me as there’s no way that my “senor” would missed them.

    its my motivation!!!

  2. mooiness Post author

    Your motivation is also your down fall. 😛 There’s no way you can concentrate if your “senor” keeps waking up. Woohoo!


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