March 22, 2006 2:49 PM

Happiness is a state of mind.

  • Is it ok to be happy because you are ignorant of the truth?
  • Is it ok to be happy because you are simple?
  • Is it ok to be happy because you lack ambition?
  • Is it ok to be deluded yet live a stress-free life?

Happiness is a result of chemical reactions in your brain.

  • Is it ok if your happiness comes from swallowing a pill?
  • Is it ok if your happiness comes in fixed regular intervals?

Happiness is as much your doing as it is someone else’s actions.

  • Is it ok if your happiness is dependent on another person?
  • Is it ok if your happiness happens, and only happens when someone else does something?
  • Do you want your happiness to depend on many or one person?
  • Would that one person be yourself?
  • Can you be solely responsible for your own happiness?

If my way of happiness harms no one, including myself should I listen to you tell me how to be happy? I don’t rank my happiness by superficial markings of status, material or relationships. My happiness has no levels. When it happens, my happiness is a plateau that stretches out for as long as it does.

I choose to be happy because I can, and it can come in many ways.

11 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. DarkHarf

    Happiness comes in many form. It can be as simple as having a candy given by someone, to going on a luxury europe trip. Somehow, as we grow up, our happiness grow also. Not in a way that we get happy more often, but rather it takes more to make us happy. Happiness was actually very simple, but most of us had forgotten how simple.

  2. DarkHarf

    Agree, but it’s not easy to remember that simple things can make us happy too. It’s just human nature that we want more and more, most of the time, beyond what we can reach… when we can’t have it, we fret.

    I used to be really happy with just one episode of japanese anime, but now, I want to watch the entire series…(laugh, flip, fell and die)

  3. emiriyoshikawa

    Rules of deminishing returns? After 380g of chocolate, the effect will reach it’s peak… but then I’ll move on to chewing garlic… and after I gotten too full to eat… I will surf porn… Yeah! And you do know what’s coming after that… a happy nap!

    We can be happy with different little things…

  4. mooiness Post author

    spinnee: very altruistic of you. 😉

    YC: it doesn’t have to be hard. You can start by appreciating the things that *don’t* make you feel sad, like your friends. 🙂


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