Dell bought Alienware

March 23, 2006 11:37 AM

I only use Dell at work and if I had the money to buy Alienware’s stuff, I’d rather build my own for a third of the price. But the big news in the tech world today is that Dell has bought Alienware.

I do not have a screenshot of Alienware’s site before the acquisition but it’s definitely not the homogenised blandness it is now. Dare I say it – it looks like a Dell site.

Echoes of Star Trek and the Borgs:

Resistance is futile.

You will be assimilated.

And the company is called “Alienware”. Haha. Get it?

Somehow talks about “independent subsidiary” and “Alienware will remain Alienware” just sound hollow. The assimilation has already begun.

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5 thoughts on “Dell bought Alienware

  1. tfp

    Heh. I snorted when I heard the news. Alienware has always been a complete rip-off. Whether it’s Dellienware or Alienware no way I’d ever give them any of my money.


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