Sometimes blogging ideas are hard to come by

March 27, 2006 3:20 PM

You know sometimes it’s not easy maintaining this facade. This facade of being capable of spitting out words into one or two coherent posts a day. It’s hard work yo! In fact I swear I have written about this before

There are 3 ways that I typically write my blog posts:

  1. There’s a planned event or outing coming up and there would be opportunities for photo-taking.

    In this case, a narrative would have been formed in my head and I can even plan out what kind of pictures that I would be taking. Those are typically my photo blog entries. Since Two Tribes, I haven’t gone to anything major.

  2. I read stuff on the net and ideas would form either on the topics or off on a tangent.

    Sometimes it’s a big news day and I get plenty of fodder to feed my thought process but sometimes it’s a case of “same shit, different day”.

  3. Things happen in my personal life, usually involving friends and family. And if it’s interesting enough and is generally ok to be broadcasted on the Internet then I’d write about it.

    But like world news, there is also a case of “same shit, different day”. I mean really, I can tell you how I went clubbing and drinking on the weekend again but how is it different to the times that I’ve already blogged about the same activities. If I feel bored writing about it, then you would definitely find it boring to read as well.

You see I actually care about *you* my readers. I am not gonna put up crap to maintain my posting rate. No, I care about quality. Even if it’s a blatant use of the “post pics of hot chicks up” method, I’d actually do research before I would post it. Nor would I cam-whore myself – not that it’d be any good because we all know this avenue is reserved only for hot-chick bloggers.

Of course that doesn’t stop Kenny Sia from doing it all the time. In fact once, he almost scarred me for lifewarning: click only if you are ok with looking at a blodgy hairy man-chest with red spots. *shudder*

Where was I? Oh yes I wouldn’t put up a post just because I don’t want to go one day without posting. Nope. I wouldn’t do a blog-filler where I’d write about not having anything to write about (more than once too!) and link back to my old posts in it. Nope I just wouldn’t do it.

Why not? ‘Cos that’s the kind of blogger than I am. 😛

9 thoughts on “Sometimes blogging ideas are hard to come by

  1. mooiness Post author

    koyuuken: if you can keep it up on a regular basis, then good on ya.

    michael: hahah err yeah.

    maggie: I will!

    Herman: yeahlah, without readers I’d just be talking to myself.

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