Where do babies come from?

March 29, 2006 7:10 PM

A 2-parter about sex and learning about it whilst growing up. (Part 2 is here)

I don’t remember having ever wondered “where do babies come from?” In my mind, I always assumed that babies came out of nowhere. Not quite delivered by the stork but more like an immaculate conception, not that I knew what the heck that meant at the time.

I always assumed that when a mommy and a daddy (how quiant) decided to have a baby, the mommy’s tummy would just automatically grow and grow until out pops a baby. And everyone would be happy until the little worm started hogging all the food and attention … RAWR!

Fast forward to my 10th birthday. I remember it vividly because I got a children’s encyclopedia as a birthday present. And why would that be memorable? Well because there’s a section about human biology in it with pictures and description of the entire procreational activity. It was only then that I understood the mechanics involved: you put this in there and you go in and out a couple of times. Not quite in those words, but it was as dry as that. And I only knew the mechanics and nothing else. Meaning I knew nothing about kissing, oral sex and all that. That was to come later.

Still, the concept of sex was bizarre to me. I never talked to my parents about it. But when I was 12, my dad dropped a little magazine the size of a Reader’s Digest on my table.

Here you go. It’s about sex.

… and promptly walked out of the room. I guess that was his attempt at the “father and son” talk. It was surreal – the magazine was from the early 70s and was indeed about sex, diseases and the sexual politics at the time with illustrations but not photos. However, it was mind-blowing nonetheless.

Before long, I discovered my dad’s stash of porn magazines – JACKPOT! They had only pictures of naked women in them though. Guess he didn’t like looking at penises more than any guy would. No matter. BOOBIES! Woohoo!

And the girls at my mom’s boutique were always reading these trashy romance novels. One day I wondered why would anyone wanna read stuff about love and all that so I picked one up and flipped through it. Woah, SEX SEX and more SEX!

Heaving bosoms, throbbing manhoods and being “inside”. I couldn’t get enough. I was addicted. I was sneaking reads at the bookstore or at the shop when the girls were serving customers. And funnily enough they never thought anything of it.

Aw, how sweet. You like romance.

Ch-yeah, what would a 12-yr old know about sex. All this before I hit puberty. I was a fiend even before I knew what a fiend was.

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14 thoughts on “Where do babies come from?

  1. girlstar7

    it’s funny that you said you thought babies just grow out of nowhere cause I remember thinking that too!! I knew babies grew in Mum’s tummy because I rememebr Mum being pregnant with my younger brother. but I thought the body just “knew” when the woman was married and that was the right time to produce a baby. I remember in primary school when someone told me the truth I was absolutely shocked! who on earth would want to do a crazy thing like that?! nobody could actually bring themselves to do THAT could they? man, i had a lot to learn!

  2. mooiness Post author

    koyuuken: fair assumption to make because all you in the movies are the lovers kissing and the next thing you know, she’s yelling, “YOU’RE the FATHER!!!!” 😛

  3. Nadia

    Funnily enough, I don’t think I ever wondered where babies come from…

    I DO remember a lot of tv shows at the time having kids asking that question. So maybe that’s why I never asked – I just relied on the answers from the TV parents!! lol.

  4. Leonard

    hmm…now i know why girls like to read romance novels..

    btw, your experience makes me remember when my tutor (yes, my tutor) show me the porn mags, i tot the top part was shown but instead, every part, i was shocked and wasn’t shocked now..hehe..

  5. ally


    my parents never even attempted to have the sex talk with me, guess it was too embarassing for them?

    everything i learnt when i was younger, i learnt from my older sisters (which wasn’t much either)

    as i grew up, i think i just sorta…KNEW?? there was no defining moment where i suddenly went…OH THATS SEX

  6. mooiness Post author

    kynne: lemme guess you read trashy romance novels!

    ally: well *I* had a defining moment courtesy of the encyclopedia. But it wasn’t very informative until porn was added into the picture, which is the topic of the follow up to this post. 😉

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