Apple Intel-Macs to run WinXP

April 6, 2006 10:09 AM

Apple has announced the released of BootCamp which will allow Intel-Macs to run WinXP.

The discussion is already very lively and heated as expected. Mac lovers yell sacrilege, MS users says “hmm”, and probably a few ppl like me who would go “err ….”.

The two most conspicuous places for the discussions are:

“Hell freezes over” is a common theme in the two threads.

I’m indifferent about the news even though I would one day like to have a Mac, just because. For now I can’t justify the price and the lack of an upgrade path to myself. As for dual-booting, the concept is not new. With regards to the Intel-Macs, hardcore enthusiasts and hackers would have created a solution for dual-boot sooner or later, with or without Apple’s involvement.

And ppl forget that dual-boot is clunky – you have to reboot the machine to get into the other OS. The truth is ppl will stay with the OS that does what they want and how they want it, most of the time. They are not going to be switching back and forth.

Ah, but what about if you need to do something in Windows or vice-versa, you say? I can only see this being useful for laptops used by ppl who travel between offices. Even then, most office production and image editing software produce files that can be read by either OSes. So again, how often do you think you would be dual-booting?

To play games which are Windows-only maybe? Ok say that you booted into Windows to play the game. Wouldn’t you be staying within Windows for most of the time then, when you can also browse the Net, chat with friends, blog, edit images etc.? Would you be playing the game, and then reboot into MacOS to do the other stuff? Hardly.

So the benefit for the consumer is dubious or little at best. However it might tempt fence-sitters from the Windows side to try out a Mac and then discover that they actually liked the MacOS better and become a convert. Money in the bank for Apple which it would never had made.

This is all about selling more hardware for Apple. Think of Apple’s most successful product in the past few years and what is it? iPod. And what is an iPod but a piece of hardware. What it runs is superfluous to most customers as long as it does the job, and Apple has finally realised that.

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4 thoughts on “Apple Intel-Macs to run WinXP

  1. mooiness Post author

    It is complicated and it definitely would not have mass appeal. It only makes business sense when you think of it in terms of getting Windows fans to look at the Mac hardware.

  2. Nadia

    Actually, I might be tempted by this because as I mentioned on my blog, I want a PC solely to play games on. There again, I’m a bit of a games addict, and even as a mac lover, I have to admit that the games on mac are limited, and more expensive than their pc counterparts.

    Besides, most times when I play games, I play for a few hours at a stretch. So I really don’t mind switching OSes for that.

  3. mooiness Post author

    But you will still need the new Intel-Mac and then you will need to buy a copy of Win XP to install on it. At full price no less.

    You might as well buy a PC and be done with it. It’ll end up cheaper than the above option.


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