11 thoughts on “More Nam Hyun-Joon

  1. al'sera

    That second kid is no ordinary kid… Hahaha. That’s David Elsewhere. Same guy in that Heineken and VW Golf GTi ads. Also in Slurpy and Pepsi Salsa ads. Try search for Kollaboration and David Elsewhere and you’d know who I’m talking about.

  2. jktdo

    Wow, koreans definitely know their poppin …
    But that guy in the orange shirt, he freaked me out … as if he wasn’t made of solid matter like the rest of us … way too convincing!

  3. mooiness Post author

    jktdo: yeah they really do – you only have to see some of their music videos to know that. I think they pwn all other East Asians in dance.

    That guy in the orange shirt – really really limber and flexible. Yup freaky indeed.

  4. MoNKeY

    nam hyun joon is the best popper of all time and i believe to be korea’s best dancer if im not mistaken, and david elsewhere is double jointed in sum spots and is also really great at his style . . . . but nam hyun joon is still the best stand alone dancer of all time in my eyes =)

  5. Marts

    Nam Hyun Joon is more interesting to watch, in my opinion. I get bored of David Elsewhere’s liquiding after about a minute or so. But I gotta say, I haven’t seen anybody do the liquid robot (or whatever it may be called these days) better than Elsewhere.


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