Perth Bloggers’ Meet – Dome, South Perth

April 15, 2006 6:23 PM

Top: Left pic – Cynthia and Kian, Right pic – Nadia and Bruce
Bottom: Left pic -Robin, Right pic – me

Went to a bloggers’ meet today organised by Nadia and Cynthia at the Dome in South Perth. Also there were Robin, Kian (Cynthia’s boyfriend), Bruce (Nadia’s boyfriend) and Rodney.

Out of all of them I only knew Nadia but the conversation was so natural amongst all of us that it felt like we knew each other for so long. And what a freaking small world: Robin knows Kenny Sia from Kuching, and Rodney went to Kenny in high school here. Nadia and Cynthia (and also Kian and Bruce) also shared with me the stories from the last bloggers’ meet when Kenny Sia was in town. And naturally there were a lot of gossip shared. Woohoo!

Cynthia and Kian are both pharmacy students, and they also talked about Sixthseal as well – the infamous blogger who chronicles his drug-taking exploits.

All in all it was a very fun meet, much like the last time when I met up with Kim and Nadia. Will definitely catch up with them again. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Perth Bloggers’ Meet – Dome, South Perth

  1. robin

    hey hey,
    you are indeed FAST !! ahahhaa…
    will be sending my photos to u guys soon.. soon.. sorry for the delay.. stuff happening here and there…
    my post on the bloggers meet will be up soon too..
    it was really a good meet.. really had a great time with u guys !!

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