Customers are customers

April 19, 2006 11:41 AM

Sometimes here on my blog, I wish I could talk about my job and the customers I come across. But that’d be career suicide. 😉

Though I have a theory and that is:

Customers are customers, no matter what they are buying.

It’s true – it doesn’t matter if it is food, a product or a service, every customer wants value for money and a satisfaction level appropriate for what they have paid for it. Most of the time, sensible ppl understand the universal truth:

You get what you paid for.

That is, you can’t expect a juicy piece of steak (mmm) when you are paying McD prices. But any of you who have to deal with clients or customers would immediately know where I’m leading to: sometimes customers want more than what they have paid for, or that they feel entitled to 5-star service when they are too cheap to even pay for 1-star service. You know what I mean lah!

So for illustrative purposes, I shall just use examples that I have experienced whilst working in my mom’s restaurant and also mine:

  1. Asking for this and that additions to the food order and then complaining about the price after. “What?! I thought it’s $5 only???”
  2. Expecting a steeper discount than normal because they are a regular customer. “Eh! Cheaper lah! I come here everyday you know!” Meanwhile, I’m politely smiling through gritted teeth but thinking: Yeah but you always order the cheapest thing on the menu. Fuck off.
  3. Complaining about the amount or quality of the ingredients in addition to doing #1 and #2 above!!!
  4. Expecting table service when everyone else around the restaurant is paying and ordering by the counter, getting their own cutlery and serviettes etc.
  5. Come in and order cheap items and then act all upper class and snobby. No smiles, no thank you’s, no courtesy. These customers I’m not afraid to show my displeasure to whatsoever: oh yeah?! You can fuck off too. And tell your other snobby friends we suck because I don’t want to see your kind in here anymore!

I think that just about covers it. Did I miss out any? And have you got anymore to add? 😉

12 thoughts on “Customers are customers

  1. ricka

    hahahaha…I hate my customers too. They sound just like the customers you got, and worse because I get custoemrs who don’t speak english, order the wrong thing, picky with their order, throw a bitch that the food is overcharged, act like they’re better than you just because…?!?

    The worst customer I ever got was this girl who made the wrong order, changed it twice, accused me of charging her too much, and not giving enough change, then made a scene in front of all the other customers and continued to loudly bitch about her order to her friends. We get so much of these custoemrs – its no wonder everyone at work hates them so much.

  2. Herman

    I work at subway, I always got customers who orders something, then, says it’s the wrong thing. After all, the order is being prepared in front of them.

    I meant, can’t you see this is a foot long ? you want a 6 inch ??

  3. mooiness Post author

    spinnee: yeahloh, without customers we’d be out of a job. Bo pian. Neccesary evils.

    Herman: wah like that also can complain, especially when everything along the way has to be verified with the customer.

  4. ian

    (eh, I assume you get Chinese…)

    Been working in a Chinese restaurant as part time during my uni years. The restaurant people were good, but some of the customers were really unbelievably ridiculous. I guess I’ll post an anecdote in my blog and link this post to it soon…


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