Stupid bartender

April 22, 2006 2:59 AM

Pendulum – Perth drum-n-bass crew who made it big around Australia and in the UK, was in town playing at Metro City.

This was an exchange I had with one of the bartenders there (background: loud drum-n-bass music playing).

Me: Do you have Jagermeister?
Bartender: What?
Me: Jagermeister!
Bartender: Yay … ger …. what???
Me: Never mind! Johnny Walker Black Coke. Two!
Bartender: Ok. But we only have Black label. Is that ok?
Me: That’s what I just said!
Bartender: …
Me: Yeah yeah yeah.
Bartender: *hands me two Johnny Walker and dry*
Me: 0_0″

Wah lau eh. Regardless it was a good night. I would have taken photos and videos if I had my camera. But I didn’t. I failed you. 😛 You can download one of their songs from the link above to get an idea of what kind of music it was.

8 thoughts on “Stupid bartender

  1. Thom | Raw Audio

    Hey mate

    Its Thom from Raw Audio here – we’re an online radio and TV station based in Brissie – Ive been talking to the guys at about getting some coverage of Perth live music – Iawa that you’re into it and have posted some stuff on – I was wondering if you were keen to do some (internet) TV filming and/or presenting of the live music scene in Perth? Its heaps fun – you get to meet all the bands and all sortsa cool peeps.

    anyway, long shot, but I thought I’d ask.


  2. mooiness Post author

    Thom: Wow cool! My reply in the mail. As long as you know it’s amateurish, then I’d be glad to help out. 🙂

    Herman: If he/she couldn’t hear me, then they should double-check.

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  4. rationalneurotic

    this is not a bartender, it’s a barman. That’s a stark difference. Like those behind starbuck counters, not all are “baristas”, they are coffee makers. Of course, standards in countries differ. A coffee maker in CoffeeCultureRich Italy may be qualify as a Barista in Singapore, the way how a captain host in a high standard restaurant may be able to be the manager in a smaller and less restrictive cafe. Or how the Senior Bartender from my previous workplace (full bar) ended cutting garnishes in Ritz Carlton for a month. =))

    On a different note…. a waiter once served my order to me, saying, “American Breakfast Tea”. (smack head)


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