This thing we call “blogging”

April 23, 2006 5:01 AM

Saturday night I went out with Cynthia, Rodney and their friends. I have met Cynthia and Rodney at the Perth bloggers’ meet recently. I was having lunch with them two middle of last week when we got to talking about our weekend activities and what do you know – they like going out pubbing and drinking as well. Woohoo! More “activities partners” in Friendster parlance. Heh.

So last night we went out to The Deen – it was their first time there and I’m glad that all of them found it a cool place to hang out. Hey Mooiness introduce one ok!? Must be up to standard one! 😛

This thing we call “blogging” – I have already met so many ppl virtually and in the flesh via doing it. But I’m still amazed and pleasantly surprised that I get along well with ppl whom I’m meeting for real, the very first time. I guess since we have already sorta sussed out each other through our blogs and the fact that we are who we are on the blog (we keep it real baby!), getting along well in person is a given.

I foresee going out with them more. I’ve already asked them to go for the next MoS gig early June. My life has definitely been enriched by my blogging. Awesome. 🙂

5 thoughts on “This thing we call “blogging”

  1. Cynthia

    you blogwhore =)
    Aint you suppose to have broken arms and legs like me after 3 hours of shaking are session?
    I am partially dead. Nicotine and alcohol didnt really work for the blocked nose. Haha!!

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