Guys are dicks

April 27, 2006 4:52 PM

Another classic one from Overheard in New York:

Tall guy: Dude I swear to god, I was on my bed with this mad hot chick and we were making out for like a whole hour…
Short guy: Yeah? Did you put it in?
Tall guy: No…you don’t understand…I was feeling her down there, and she…duuuuuude…she had a cock!


Short guy: Yeah? Did you put it in?


Overheard by: John Eckstein

And their byline is just as hilarious: “It Took You a Whole Hour?”

11 thoughts on “Guys are dicks

  1. mooiness Post author

    ricka: yes it’s a guy thing. Basically the short guy will do it even with a girl who is actually a man. And the joke is also that it took the tall guy an hour to realise that the girl was a he. 😉

    smashp0p: woohoo!

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