Night out with Cynthia and the gang

April 30, 2006 6:42 PM

Went out with Cynthia, Kian-Seng, Rodney and Fiona last night. We started the night out at Catalanos in Vic Park for some Italian. The food was good but the place has bad acoustics – hard surfaces everywhere that echo everyone’s voices and sounds. It was a din and gave a few of us headaches.

We had our fill and then headed to Broken Hill Hotel nearby to check it out – Cynthia had heard it was good. It was quite nice. It looks to be an older pub previously which has been refurbished and or should I say, “yuppified”.

Kian-Seng had to go home to study at this point. The rest of us headed to The Deen. It looks to be their new favourite haunt too. I’ll let the clip below tell the story. The first half is a slideshow of the photos that I took, and the second half is a highlight clip of the partying in the main room.

Enjoy! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Night out with Cynthia and the gang

  1. ricka

    Looks fun! party animals =)

    I’ve been meaning to try out The Deen but it looks like they mostly only play House yeah? I prefer trance, and the only places I know that does Trance is either The Church (which is choc block full of gangsters) and Rise =p

    BTW – ya heard about the next MOS gig on Foundation Day, this 4th June I think. I’m excited.

    As for your sex posts; you’ve got guts to post them up in public =p hehehe Just wanted to kindly say; if it ain’t on, it ain’t on k! All that action going on, and it only takes one time to catch something nasty for life. I think it’s much more manly of a guy to have the balls to say ‘NO’ and be more selective on who they go to bed with, rather than screwing anybody. Once you know some-one close to you, whois contracted AIDS through sex, you really just want everyone to take more care.

  2. mooiness Post author

    ricka: heheh yeah for Trance you only have limited choices.

    Yup I’m going to the next MoS gig. Maybe I will see you there!

    About the sex – yeah lah I’m always safe! I may want it but I’m still sensible about it. 😉

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