“Mix” has been sold

May 3, 2006 7:20 AM

A recent chapter of my life has now ended – Mix has been sold.

  • I’m no longer part-owner of a restaurant.
  • Mom can now finally put up her legs and retire(???) after working for 9 years straight in the F&B business.
  • My brother Marvin who has been running it after I returned to IT, has to start looking for another job.

A quick recap: this is the restaurant that I started with my mom’s encouragement after I had been retrenched and had been moping around unemployed for 10 months.

It was a blast and a life changing experience. I can actually say that I know what it feel likes to be a business owner: constantly worrying about cash flow and improving the business 24 x 7, managing staff and suppliers, managing customers, and all the other intricacies of running a business. What intricacies you ask? Council rates, random checks by the health department, water and electricity bills, repairs and renovations, insurance, taxes and wages etc. If I didn’t have my mother’s help, I don’t think I would have coped. It was amazing that I still managed to have a social life.

When I was in the shop day to day, I met a wide range of ppl. Most of them being students which really helped me stay young at heart and in mind. The “view” was great too. Woohoo!

The person who bought the shop will take over in 2 weeks’ time. She is not continuing with the cuisine which we’ve done for the past 3.5 years, ie. mixed Asian. I can only imagine the look on the customers’ face when they walked in and what they have been accustomed is no longer available. I wish the new owner the best of luck with the business.

Mix : December 2002 – May 2006.

17 thoughts on ““Mix” has been sold

  1. Cynthia

    A beginning comes with an end.
    But this is not really an ending, innit? It is a beginning for another person. =)

    eh! Im sure you still feel young in the heart n mind what.. =) dont sound so depressing la! ^_*

  2. mooiness Post author

    cupcakequeen: bakery ah? I know nothing about those! I like to eat them, does that help? 😛

    damion: yeah man for sure. A lot of life skills were picked up from doing a business like that too.

    cynthia: I where got depressed!? Maybe it’s the words that I have used. Heh. No no, I’m glad to have done it and have accumulated all those experiences.

    Leonard: I’m not sad lah! Far from it. 🙂 I’m kinda glad that my mom could now kick back and relax a little. Though she’s always restless – that’s why I put (???) when I said she’d retire.

  3. ricka

    I think I had betetr try your Mix before it’s not yours anymore.

    Kuay Teow Goreng
    Char Kuay Teow
    Fried Kuay teow

    All same thing wat hehehehee

  4. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: it looks big only – the front counter actually takes up a lot of space. Total number of tables: 8. 😉 But we do a lot of takeaways.

    MagC: Perth market too small for another nightclub. Plus I won’t go into the F&B business again until I have some serious money. Even then, it’s a tough gig.

    ricka: Aiyak! That’s one thing we don’t have there – kitchen not really built for smoky fried stuff. But we got Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Canto Hor Fun, Curry Mee etc etc. 😛

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