Cramping my lifestyle

May 4, 2006 12:47 AM

The house that I’m living in was the family home from 1992-2000. The whole family moved to a bigger place in a nicer part of the same suburb. I then moved back in to the old house a year later. My mom sprang this on me tonight:

Mom: We are selling this house. We are moving back into your house.
Me: Har?
Mom: We will build a small self-contained flat in the backyard. We will rent that out to students and we will move back into the room that you are in now (the master bedroom).
Me: Erm …
Mom: You can have the second largest room in the house.
Me: But …
Mom: Don’t worry, it’s gonna be at least another year.
Me: Well I guess that’s ok then.
Mom: Good. That’s settled then.

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” (Michael Corleone, Godfather 3)

So get this: I’ve been single since the time I moved out. Meaning I never really ever used the copious amount of freedom and privacy that I have. With my luck, I’ll probably get a girlfriend on the day that my parents move back in. Yeah it could happen.

But at least I will finally be getting some sex. So I guess it’s a good trade-off. Yeah, definitely. I will just have to be quiet, is all.

Or I can move out. Again. Otherwise, it’d be “social suicide” (YC). But I’m so comfortable here …. ARGH!

14 thoughts on “Cramping my lifestyle

  1. Leonard

    staying wif parents = lack of freedom = TRUE

    however, there are still benefits of them looking after you in some aspect…

    btw, i’ve not tried the freedom that you did…i’m deem fit to comment when i been there, done that!!

  2. Rob

    I agree with Nadia, cupcake and Cynthia get girlfriend with a nice place and move in.
    the added requirement is actually good as it give you focus in you quest. Don’t waste your time with girls that don’t have a nice pad.

  3. mooiness Post author

    BM: it’s regressive alright! And I have no plan B! Argh! Ok gonna have to get one I suppose.

    Leonard: of course there are benefits living with my parents but there are drawbacks. 😉

    Rob: erm you wouldn’t know whether a girl has a nice place until you *get invited* in. 😛

  4. rationalneurotic

    there are perks to staying alone, and there are perks to stay with parents.. I’m staying with my brother and I’m in between… he’s going to Indonesia soon for a year and then my pad will be THE party place with 6 cats!

    I agree with BM…. Plan B!!! Stay with girlfriend! hahaha

  5. sourrain

    me says move in with Roo..:)

    Well, its a love-hate relationship I think. When I live alone, I would wish that I live with my parents..clean house,clean clothes,good food and bail-out from daddy.Then when I live with them, I’d get nagging re: boys, my drinking habit,my food habit ect ect…Privacy boh-liao.

    Now being thousands of miles away and establishing my own household, living with my parents would seem a godsend…Dont want to do household bills balancing,have to think about what to make for dinner everyday ,clean ect ect.

    I would say that the past couple of years you’ve had the best of both worlds..parents living so close by but yet not in the same place.Who knows, once they move back in your parents might even help find you a girl..preferably not one that hate dogs and goes to church every sunday:P. Not that I have anything against churchgoers

  6. mooiness Post author

    rationalneurotic: everyone is saying the obvious – stay with the gf. I still have to get a gf first. Heh.

    MagC: Erm I think I have been obvious enough about my lack of “it” thus far. 😉

    BM: You know what … that’s awfully tempting. *itchy itchy feet*

    sourrain: Heheh I know I have it good lah. I’m more lamenting the fact that I never really used my freedom efficiently or well enough. Bleh.

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