Mooi got its groove back

May 6, 2006 6:16 PM

The car, not the man. 😉

My shock absorbers were damaged in that accident last year. As a result, the car feels “floaty” on bumpy roads and I’d definitely have to slow down almost to a crawl going around corners.

Yesterday I got them all swapped out for Pedders gas ones and now the car absolutely sticks to the road. Going around corners is a thrill, not even mid-corner bumps can throw it off its balance.

Sweeeet. How can I ever think of replacing you? 😛

16 thoughts on “Mooi got its groove back

  1. damion

    dude, took you half a year to get those replaced?
    whoah… you have a serious time constraint problem…
    anyway, it sure sounds good to have the skyline back…
    just don’t let her tail out too often aye? 😛

  2. jktdo

    Pfft, not just men, some women consider their cars to be their babies. If I had a car (which is dependent on when I get my ps haha), it’d be my baby. Even if it was a shit dodgy hunk of metal. It’d still be my baby.

    Glad to hear your baby’s all patched up!

  3. mooiness Post author

    BM: hee hee. Freedom!

    damion: err yeah. Not time constraint, but money. Plus it wasn’t that urgent until now – more rain means slippery roads.

    rationalneurotic: some might say that’s a misplace priority. 😛

    jktdo: yeah I know of girls who give pet-names to their cars. 🙂

  4. carcar

    Hi, wah just swap? not changing a new pair? hmmm, i wonder.

    but is safer and better (better driving feeling) if you get the absorbers change 🙂

    take good care, of yourself , and the car.

    *stay cool on bumpy roads always*


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