Uglies – Pretties – Specials

May 8, 2006 7:48 PM

This is a sci-fi trilogy that I’m very tempted to pick up. The ideas espoused in the books are so plausible and errily logical that you are afraid that it may actually happen one day. Stumbled upon the existence of these books via BoingBoing, the trilogy tells the story of:

… a dystopian world where children are raised by the state and subjected to mandatory cosmetic surgery at 16, wherein they are rendered physically “perfect” on the basis that symmetrical, statistically average people with giant eyes are charismatic, convincing, and are afforded advantages by their peers; in the twisted logic of the Westerfeld’s state, imposing this surgery on all creates an egalitarian basis for society.

No one is heeded merely because she is beautiful; no idea is disregarded because it originates with someone who is ugly.

(emphasis mine)

BM, I think you would get a kick out of reading these books too. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Uglies – Pretties – Specials

  1. ian

    “In a world of extreme beauty, everyone normal is ugly”

    That is an eerily logical quote. The fallacy of composition I’d say, where everyone yearns to stand out, and those who stay put or unable to catch up any further gets kicked out of the game.

    Seen the movie “Gattaca”?

  2. mooiness Post author

    tony: wow long time ago. I haven’t read the Vonnegut book, though any theme about arbitrary societal classes (genetics, wealth, appearance, race) are intriguing to me.

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  5. Kelsie*

    ahhhh i can’t believe that the trilogy is over, what am i supposed to read now??? and i don’t get how at the very end of specials, tally decides to start a new” special circumstances”~~~~

  6. Shan

    DUDE I LUV THIS SERIES ITS DA BEST!!!! I RECCOMENDDD THESE!!!!! WOOO! GO TALLY! SHAY IS A MEANI HEAD..I HATE HER! *GROWLS* u’ll have 2 read to understand wat i’m sayin dudes.. =] go hover boards!


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