Hooked on Babylon

May 9, 2006 7:24 PM

Hotel Babylon” is my latest form of TV crack-cocaine. I now prefer this over “Las Vegas“, a show of similar ilk. There’s 8 eps in the first season and we have already watched 7. It’s another show that I watch together with my parents. It’s quite interesting how my parents and I share the same tastes in TV shows especially when they are not the target demographic. But that shall be the topic for another time.

We are here to talk about “Hotel Babylon” and why I love it.

Lush settings and posh English accents.

Eye candy. Incidentally Natalie Mendoza (R) who plays Anna was in an Australian pop group called “Jackson Mendoza” in the early 90s. The good thing is that she gets to retain her Aussie accent in this show.

Tight, intelligent and funny scripts. Dexter Fletcher did “Press Gang” (I loved this show growing up) back in the day together with Julie Sawalha of Ab Fab fame, and his biggest movie role thus far was in “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”.

Hotel Babylon has now ended in the UK but it has been renewed for another season. Woohoo!

(All images are from BBC’s Hotel Babylon site)

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4 thoughts on “Hooked on Babylon

  1. Herman

    I love that show man ! I have a friend who works in a 5 star hotel in Jakarta. The stories she told me is so similar to hotel Babylon’s one. A lot of crazy stuffs.

  2. mooiness Post author

    Cynthia: yup yup, the stories are BEST.

    Herman: Hotels are an interesting psycho-experiment. Ppl tend to behave differently than they do in real life. The stories were originally from a book by an ex-hotel employee, that’s why they are so real.

    BM: It’s more grey than dark but the atmo is tres cool. And yes the women are nice too. 😀


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