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May 10, 2006 7:38 AM

I hate indecisive ppl who have no idea what they want, and yet complains and whinges about every option that you can think of to placate them. Imagine if you will, an outing that has been planned for at least a week. A question was posed about what to do and where to go.

No suggestion from the other party was forthcoming, so I suggested something which was accepted. On the day of the outing, a new suggestion was offered instead. But now it was too late: arrangements have been made, ppl called, and schedules set. The other party showed up anyway, albeit reluctantly. And then even tried to make their suggestions again.

Here’s why the situation is annoying. You were offered the chance to suggest something in the beginning and you didn’t take it. You had the opportunity to object to my suggestion and to suggest something else but you did no such thing. You then waited a whole week to come up with your bright idea at the last minute when you know fully well that it’d be difficult and inconvenient to more than just one person to change plans now. You then showed up acting like you were the one who was wronged.

I is furious. I is sibeh dulan with you. I hear you say “anything lor” one more time and then see you complain again, I’m gonna smack you in the face.

p.s. For reference, please see Gillian Tan’s little vid titled “Live with Bambi” and watch out for the “Anything Lor” girl (pictured).

12 thoughts on “Anything lor

  1. ian

    I guess we can distinguish people in two categories:

    1) Those who would feel more in control with their agenda by planning; and

    2) Those who are indecisive, but adventurous and loves impromptu/spontaneity

    Making arrangements with people based on their personalities can save you a lot of time and effort. 🙂

  2. An

    Yesh yesh!! I encountered such people before too!! I guess most people would have bah. You ask them for opinions, they say “anything lor” or “you all decide loh.” etc.. Then a day before or on the day itself, they suddenly say “hey! Why not we go xxx instead?” Wah raoz! The best thing is… I have friends who cancelled outings at the last minute… hiaz.. If it’s work or if you are sick or someone in your family is deadly ill, I understand. If it’s not, if it’s something like bf or gf suddenly asking you out, then WAH RAOZ!

  3. Leonard

    wah liew, the “anything lor” gal diao u lei!!

    i’m also a “anything lor” person except i dun complain…. try get a gf when you were told to decide where to go or eat, when suggested…i dun wan this and that..then say, i feel like eating/going this and that..


  4. mooiness Post author

    transnationalmigrant: good innit? 🙂

    ian: wanting to be spontaneous must also be balanced with courtesy for others, especially for those with busy lives who purposely schedule a time to meet up. Being spontaneous when there’s only two person is easy, but not when there’s a big group of ppl.

    An: Yeah man! WAH RAOZ indeed! I think it all boils down to courtesy as I’ve mentioned. Ppl who have no consideration for others peeves me.

    leonard: yeah yeah, there’s a diff between being “chin-chai” and having no complaints to being indecisive but still would complain. about the gf: hahaahh, err a bit like the video issit? You have my understanding but I’m sure the other “bits” make up for it right? 😛

  5. Rob

    A particular extended family member of mine has this annoying habit.
    She’s an anything lor girl, says she’s fine with anything, you decide … she trusts you. Then you get there and she starts bitching that she doesn’t like the place/food/etc that you’ve decided. grrr

  6. Hijackqueen

    When they say “Anything lor” it means that they want to hear your opinion first. Then they took 2 days to think about how to char or even spoilt your plan and make her looks like she’s a hero.

  7. mooiness Post author

    Rob: yes v. annoying. I would just be thick-skinned about it and when she complains, just say, “You never said anything when we asked you.” That should shut her up. Booyah!

    Hijackqueen: Wahaha that’s just malicious. Actually I would seriously consider my friendship with such a person. You don’t need negative ppl in ur life.

    ront: Erm that’s where you are wrong. Sometimes the man can be a real bitch too. 😉

  8. ront

    i think those who use the phrase ‘anything lor’ is usually the girl….am I right? you need to be able to read that phrase as…”I have something in mind but I am not gonna say it because I want you to read my mind and I am testing how much you understand/love me…and if you cant read my mind, I will be grumpy and show you the long horse face the entire time until you find something to redeem yourself.”

    Its much simpler for men, anything lor means…anything…

  9. ian

    Yes, my previous statement lacked the account for circumstances that include more than two persons. In that case, I cannot agree more about these selfish, fickled-minded people.


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