Hot blogger babe – Jasiminne

May 11, 2006 7:02 PM

Welcome to the nose bleed section. Have a pleasant journey.

Jasiminne the Penguin – not only is she HOT, she takes great photos too. Like this one.

Check out her Flickr page.

Yes I know her pics got her watermark on them but I linked back to her what! 😛

Oh and if you girls feel jealous that I never did a “hot blogger babe” segment of you, no one ever did a “hot blogger hunk” segment of me either, but you don’t see me complaining do you!? Quit yer whining! Hahahahah. Woohoo!

17 thoughts on “Hot blogger babe – Jasiminne

  1. carcar

    continue frm cynthia…
    she is really good in photography…

    and she is from malaysia!

    i have said enough too 😛

    (thanks for the great intro, she is superb)

  2. mooiness Post author

    damion: your good friend smashp0p knows her. I’m jealous. Heh.

    Cynthia: Malaysia boleh?

    Herman: :9

    Lynne: See, even chaboh gotta admit that she’s hot. Heh.

    ricka: indeedy.

    carcar: sharing is caring. 😀

  3. val

    Hot! But don’t all girls look good when they get their hair done and have make-up on? Natural beauty is true beauty…

    Saw jasiminne’s “no-make-up, limp-hair” pictures…(no comment)


  4. mooiness Post author

    val: makeup can only do so much, you still need natural features. And personally I think without makeup she’s still HOT.

    You tell me how many girls you see walking around that don’t have makeup on, can look like her.

    Yeah that’s what I thought. 😉

  5. val

    I personally think she’s sweet but hey, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I’m just laying my cards 🙂

    Yea, make-up makes little difference but she seems to have fake eyelashes and make-up on most of her pictures. I’m just a regular bloke who gravitates towards the natural lookers.

    She looks sweet in her plain pictures but i wouldn’t say gorgeous or beautiful but THAT’s what i think…the rest may have their own perception. I’m just balancing the perspective here. I’m entitled to do so, no? 🙂

    Anyway, I live in Bellingham (Seattle)…babes here are pretty much the same..make-up, extensions, fake lashes and what not. I’ve only encountered true beauty once, and that was when i made a solo trip to India for charity work. Indian women to me are the true essence of beauty. No-make,no extensions, no fake lashes but head turners nonetheless.

    I mean no offence to you or jasiminne. 🙂 I leave in peace. It was nice engaging with you. Will pop-in for blog updates when i can.

  6. Leonard

    she’s a HOT gal in the league of her own…one thing to add…sure hell of a good photographer!!!

    thanks for telling me about her!!!

    so when to expected a hunk galore??

  7. saturn

    jasminne looks freaking old.. she’s 19 but becuz of her make ups and all that fake eyelashes makes her looks like 25 man.. heh..

    i agree with val though, there’s thousands of girls which looks freaking beauty with those “beauty help” called “make-up”, and those girls who really used to use make up everyday everyhour everymins might not dare to go out to public without their make up on.. so sad..

    make up is good thing, if you dont use too much or making ur face looks so eyelashes and colored contact makes u looks so far from your original face meh.. cuz if make up gone from the world, then i doubt girls who used and obsessed to wear make up will even step out from their house..

    geez, why the hell girls so obsessed with make-up meh.. natural beauty is nothing compare to inner beauty.. also, natural beauty is original beauty..

    make-up beauty is just a beauty mask for ppl who not confident in their own natural beauty… well, human never satisfied with what they have..


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