Happy Belated Mother’s Day

May 15, 2006 11:26 AM

This morning, as my cousin was rushing out the door …

Reucas: Hey yesterday was not Mother’s Day for Malaysia right?
Me: Erm yeah I don’t think so.
Reucas: ‘Cos they have a different day for Father’s Day I know.
Me: Yeah yeah. That’s right.
Reucas: Ok cool.
*rushes off to work*

He hadn’t call his mother in KL but then asking me is kinda pointless – I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, because everyday is Mother’s Day. Yeah flame me! Woohoo!

Anyway, as I was having breakfast in front of the PC and going through the Malaysian blogs on my Bloglines …

*Text messages Reucas*
Me: Yo. Turns out it WAS Mother’s Day everywhere yesterday.
Reucas: Crap. Ok thanks. I will call her tonight.

Who said reading blogs was a waste of time? 😉

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8 thoughts on “Happy Belated Mother’s Day

  1. Irene

    my mum’s all for blogging! except… now she’s trying to find out my blog addy.

    since when malaysia had a different day for father’s day? i didn’t know that…

  2. sourrain

    mother’s day for aussie and uk are different…I think it was back in march or april…

    Malaysia follows the US version,which was yesterday. so there!

    and mooi getting cheesy..everyday mothers day akak everyday I love you so no need to celebrate valentines day..mouahahhaha!

  3. mooiness Post author

    ront: actually he didn’t call, we live in the same house. 😉

    Irene: woo, mom wanting to read ur blog … tricky situation. You don’t wanna deny her access but at the same time you may have written stuff not suitable for all to view.

    And yes, Malaysia and Australia celebrate Father’s Day on different dates. (link)

    sourrain: yeahloh Malaysia and Australia same day. And yes “everyday I love you” applies what. Why not!? *in low voice* I say that now because I’m single.

    The day I celebrate Valentine’s again will be the day my mother lays a guilt trip on me. Wahahahah.

  4. ront

    oops..my wrong…..too early in the morning when i wrote that…then agian..i dont think i am ever fully alert while in the office.

  5. tfp

    Heh. We don’t celebrate it in my family (I asked my mum one year if she’d like us to, and she was like “Why? What for?”), but it’s a big deal in Jac’s family. At least I just have one family do to contend with, rather than two.

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