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May 16, 2006 11:08 AM

One of the current trends in the Australian IT industry as reported in Australian IT – Sea change hits skills pool (Kelly Mills, MAY 16, 2006):

… growing numbers of technologists are either opting out of the rat race and heading for the beach or demanding a more harmonious balance of work and leisure.

My work philosophy is thus:

  • I rather have less money and less responsibilities and headaches, and more leisure time to enjoy life and to spend my hard earned money.

Money isn’t everything. What say you?

And another thing, how does Australia maintain a first-world economy whilst almost religiously adhering to a 9-5 work ethos? Shouldn’t it fall behind most Asian countries where it is actually frowned upon if you leave the office before 6pm or even 7pm? Is there a need for Asians to work such long hours? (Blinkymummy)

Food for thought. Having said that, time to get back to work. 😉

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14 thoughts on “My Work Philosophy

  1. Rob

    In Australia anyway it doesn’t pay to do too much overtime. the harder you work, the harder you get taxed. better to just ease off the throttle a bit and enjoy life where the good things are still free (or at least cheap).
    Aussies actually have a good reputation overseas as they don’t do the Asian norm of “clocking” unproductive hours just for show. If you can get the job done and maintain quality in less time than your colleagues, then power to you, go enjoy the extra time.

  2. Yuuka

    In the past, people worked extra, super hard just to squirrel away their wealth for future use (he`ll be reluctant even when it`s necessary to spend) and to pass down to their next generations. My dad grandpa`s a classic example.

    Oh and Mooi, that last link points to blinkYummy lei. Are you trying to tell her/us something?

  3. mooiness Post author

    Rob: I agree wholeheartedly – if you can get the job done in less hours, then good for you. This “show your face in the office” business is not good at all.

    Yuuka: if a person wants to sacrifice his/her life to build up wealth, that’s their prerogative. I’m not saying that’s wrong at all, but I’d much rather have more time to enjoy the simple stuff in life.

    The link is there at the end of the paragraph because BM made that point. My way of crediting her. 🙂

  4. sourrain

    I remember my first job, which officially finishes at 7pm.On my first day,I left at 7.05..seeing that it takes me 40mins to get lost and eventually reach home, I had no desire to spend more time in the office than I had to. The very next day,I had collegues asking me why do I leave so early.

    This is the same company where the team next to me takes 2 hour lunches, 3 hour shopping breaks, breakfast breaks,tea breaks and endless gossiping throughout the day – and leave work at 11pm citing too much work.

    I used to feel like I’m not putting in enough effort to take long leisurely lunches and shopping trips with the daily breakfast hour.People also think that I am so free..not seeing the lunch breaks I take on my desk

    Now,I clock in and clock out,right on the dot.

  5. mooiness Post author

    Cherry: well not strictly 9-5 but you know, regular or fixed hours. Except those in medical or finance, almost everyone I know do not work past 7pm – which is considered early in Asia as Sourrain has mentioned.

    Sourrain: Your example is quite indicative of how it actually is – they stay late because they goofed off during the “proper” working hours.

    “Stay late to show face”. Grr.

    YC: Exactly! 😀

  6. sourrain

    YC: Shhh…dont tell everyone la, bocor my secret..:)

    In all honesty,after all that blogging,chatting and blog reading I do, I still finish my work perfectly in time to be home before 5.45, whereas in KL I would be lucky to be home by 7.30.There are days where I have too much work, and will forget about my extracurricular activicties..:)

  7. Yuuka

    I meant that the hyperlink is mistyped! I know she`s hot and all so maybe it was Freudian slip?

    And no, it`s not wrong at all. It`s just that people`s priorities have changed.

  8. mooiness Post author

    YC: I’ve seen it. It’s everywhere in KL, not just Ampang. No

    An: It’s just interesting that’s all – like you said, a lot of Aussies knock off work right on the dot. But even those who stay late, rarely stays later than say 7-8pm. Not so in Asia. So can we just say Aussies are not productive? Can’t also because that is not indicated by a bad Australian economy. On the contrary, it’s booming.

    Hijackqueen: Quality of life is not solely measured by how much disposable income you have. Extra time to spend with friends and family is equally valuable, if not more.

  9. An

    It’s already a part of Asian culture to “work late” in the office. If you go off on time, the boss would think 1) you are not hardworking or 2) you have too little work to do. Thus, it’s easier to get bypass for increments or promos. Of course, there are really those who really have a lot to do and we must give them credit for staying late to finish up but like you, I rather get less pay and enjoy more. hehehe!

    yah loh. the aussies always knocks off on time regardless whether they finish their work or not…


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