More mucking around with ads

May 26, 2006 1:01 PM

This mucking around with Google AdSense and now Text-Link-Ads is addictive to the point where it is very easy to lose focus on what this blog is about – MY WRITING! I just had to get that out of my system to remind myself that.

I spent last night reading about ads optimisation, how much big time bloggers make from them and, the ethics and the technology behind it all. It was damn interesting. Well to anyone who is interested in putting ads on their blog anyway. Stuff about eye patterns, reader attention spans, and placement tips.

These sites may be of interest to you if you are so inclined:

One of the things that jar me most was the “blend in” technique whereby you make the ads look like links in your real content, or wrapping the content around the ad without a border. I don’t like these two methods because as a reader I really hate them. The first method tricks the reader and once you’ve tricked me I ain’t gonna come back. The wrapping method on the other hand is just plain distracting and makes reading that much more difficult.

Looking at newspapers and magazines, you can clearly see where the content ends, and the ads begin. You shouldn’t trick the readers.

Now back to regular programming ….

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