Call me “evil”

May 28, 2006 12:01 AM

Heheh I couldn’t help it. Was killing some time in my parents’ house and was browsing around Technorati. I did a search for Xiaxue. Sometimes there would be gems with intelligent and critical writing about her.

But most times there would be a lot of banal posts from her adoring fans. Tonight I present to you a post by one such fan.

From the post complete with teen-style typing, spelling and grammar:

anyways, was reading xiaxue’s blog jz now and it seems tat she’s got a boyfriend now. being such an extremely high-maintenance girl, it seemed impossible for her to settle down. hehe. xiaxue, if u’re reading this [which is pretty impossible but jz in case] i dun mean it in a mean way. i’m jz saying that itz very hard to find someone tatz up to ur standard. =)

“itz very hard to find someone tatz up to ur standard.”

Hahahahaha! :mrgreen:

14 thoughts on “Call me “evil”

  1. Nadia

    Thank god I wasn’t having any cereal while reading that – otherwise I’d not only be laughing my head off, but snorting milk and cereal through my nose.

  2. transnationalmigrant

    hey guYZ! DunZ b likZ DaTz oKieZ? sheZ acutalliZ a beRy nIce oNeZ.

    wtf!! i’m finding it hard to even write like DatZ..oops

  3. jc

    ur blood is full of evilish!
    what kind of standard u refer to?
    is there any S.O.P? or M.Q.S?
    Well, if a man is capable to maintain a high-maintenance gal. why not? same goes with car. LOL


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