Overheard at the Club

May 28, 2006 5:00 PM

Last night I bumped into an old clubbing friend at Metro City. I was slightly inebriated and this was the conversation I had with him.

Him: I got a girl to introduce to you.
Me: Who?
Him: Kelly*.
Me: Oh I know who she is. I know one of her friends.
Him: Yeah anyway she’s single again. And your name came up.
Me: *way too easily excited because of the alcohol*
Me: What?! Really!? She mentioned my name!?
Him: No no. She asked me if I knew any single guys, and *I* mentioned your name.
Me: Ceh! Like that only ah??? The way you said it made it seem like she’s interested in *me*.
Him: No lah!
Me: That means I still have to do the hard work.
Him: Hey man. At least she knows your existence now. What else do you want?
Me: I want it handed to me on a plate. Heheh.
Him: Dream lah!

* not her real name of course 😉

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16 thoughts on “Overheard at the Club

  1. ian

    Don’t we all wish that they are served on silverware in bunny suits? Err… maybe not the bunny suits, in case you are not one of those people…

  2. mooiness Post author

    the screwy skeptic: I went, I drank and it was good. Heh.

    Leonard: yeah, since the ice is sorta broken I will speak more to her when I next bump into her. I don’t do “cold calls”. 😉

  3. vandice

    Nah… dun bruff… You wouldn’t be interested with paid for but cannot choose wat’s on the menu wedding banquet… Methinks you like buffets… with an empty plate at the salad bar where you can pick and choose like the rest for the purrrrrfect combination of color, flavor and smell…

    The thrill is in the conquest lah!

  4. mooiness Post author

    vandice: I think everyone wished it was like having an empty plate at a buffet, but reality bites. 😛

    Thrill in the conquest, well true that but I have had enough thrills for that area. I wished for easier catches. Woohoo!

    Hijackqueen: what makes you think I’m desperate? I’m merely chronicling the experiences and conversations that a single guy would come across. 😉

    v.u.: hehe She Bangs! And yes it’s the “ends”, it’s all about the “ends”. :mrgreen:

  5. virgin_undergrad

    I want it handed to me on a plate. Heheh.

    i guess that’s why they refer to the entire process of courtship leading to its desired conclusion as the whole ‘shebang’ hehe.

    It’s the end, more than the means which we preoccupies us isn’t it marcus? 😉

  6. ront

    Me: I want it handed to me on a plate. Heheh.

    hey i thought you just blogged abt some ocassions that you’ve been presented with them on a plate and yet you refused! well…maybe its a different thing..but that is a bit contradicting isnt it?


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