The Blogging Face

May 29, 2006 8:55 PM

They say that we wear different masks during our lifetime. Not only do our “faces” change during different phases of our lives, we also project different personas to different ppl. We can be one person to our parents, and another to our siblings, another to our friends, and another to the ppl at work.

To the list I’d like to add: the blogging face.

The face that we as bloggers project to our readers is just like any other faces that we project: it changes during the course of time and also according to our moods. Then again, we could put up a different face completely, obscuring the true self.

But the gist of it is that a blog is merely one of many faces that we choose to present to the world. Catch us at one point in time and you will see one thing, and at another point in time you will see something different. To a newcomer, the differences in personas may be jarring but if you have known the person for a long time, or if you have been reading their blog for a while it might make perfect sense.

My blog is my conversation with the world. Lately I have been blogging a bit about being single, the lack of sex, and the situations that arise out of my condition. Ppl who jumped into the conversation late may form an impression that I’m totally desperate and clueless about love and relationships.

Similarly, Blinkymummy was recently interviewed on Singapore TV. The interviewers, based on their shallow research into Blinkymummy the blogger formed a conclusion that she’s a foul-mouthed girl who swears for the heck of it. If she does it online then she must do it in person too, right?! And expectedly, they asked her to swear on TV. Hahah! Fuck! Now that is stupid.

Without context, swearing is nothing, it has no impact. What was the point? Ever watched a foul-mouthed comedian and laughed? Of course you have. Ever listen to just the swear words and laughed? No? Exactly.

You can know a lot about a person from his or her blog. But don’t expect the person to be the exactly the same in the flesh, and vice-versa. A blog is merely a piece woven into the complete person. But like in the flesh, the blogging face changes over time. Don’t expect to know the person behind the blog if you have only read one month’s worth of entries.

15 thoughts on “The Blogging Face

  1. carcar

    *run carcar run* haha..

    by the way, you are a chirpy person i can see, you smile on almost all of your photo!

    hmmm, being single and lonely? cluesless bout love and relationships? nah, they are wrong! marcus ooi, proof it to them!

    *continue to escape, carcar!*

  2. Leonard

    you’re right, what was written on the blog doesn’t really represent what the writer is in the flesh…

    a lot of ppl dun write their truth in their blogs…some chose to write “attractive” stuffs to attract readers and hide behind a cartoon character!

    it sure do take time to reflect if you really know the person after reading the person’s know me after reading for some time?

    think again…

  3. marina

    People shouldnt judge a person’s character through a blog as there are certain quirks and behaviours that wont be seen only through the blog alone.

    And I agree with Lionel, as people usually miscontrue the truth to make themselves more appealing. But that is what makes blogs so tantalising anyways. The fact that we can present the world as how we want to be seen.

    But the reality is that people are judgemental and would usually judge other people based on what they have written and presented.

    For me, I take things with a grain of salt. Its already hard enough to convince people in society, it would be just as hard to convince people in cyberspace. So why spend all the energy to all the negativities when we can focus it on the people who really matter.

  4. mooiness Post author

    carcar: thanks for the kind words. Heh.

    ian: the chick? That’s Wendy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Herman: amen to what Ian said or to what I said? Doesn’t matter, I shall accept it either way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cherry: thank you maam!

    Leonard: exactly. It’s just one layer of the whole personality.

    marina: yes we can choose how we present ourselves to the world on our blogs. What is bewildering is that yet there are some ppl who choose to blog irresponsibly and then kpkb about ppl flaming them.


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