Dinner for nothing and drinks for free*

May 30, 2006 10:00 PM

Met up with Swee at Catalano’s for pasta, seafood and red wine tonight. Oh, and two bottles of Hoegaarden as well. What’s the occasion? Oh nothing, she just wanted to catch up. And by “catch up” I mean she wanted to bitch and whine. It’s ok though, since I figured that I’m actually quite the good listener.

In between muching on spaghetti with chilly king prawns (woohoo!), eating pan-grilled scallops and calamari, and downing some ’03 cabernet sauvignon and Hooegarden I did the usual uhuh’s, yup’s, and head nods. Occasionally due to the effects of the alcohol, I tried to be funny. She pauses for a second, does not laugh and then continues on her bitching. As I’ve said before, when women are spilling their guts out to you they don’t need your advice – they just want you to listen. They certainly do not want you to make light of their situations as well.

At the end of dinner, I walked up to the counter to pay but Swee insisted on paying. Oh well, what the heck I let her paid. I swear, I’d be such a gigolo if there were sex involved. I don’t have much a of “man-pride” (?????) really – women can pay for me as much as they want, I have no qualms about it. Have I mentioned that I am quite ok being a house husband to a rich woman? Heheh. Damn, maybe I am meant to be a gigolo. Except that I’m not that tall or alluring enough to whore myself out like that. Shite.

So anyways, this has been a usually mundane Tuesday night liven up by good food, alcohol and good conversation (mostly Swee’s). :mrgreen:

* with apologies to Dire Straits and the famous line in their song “Money for nothing”

11 thoughts on “Dinner for nothing and drinks for free*

  1. sourrain

    Oooo I love the “women just want you to listen to them bitch”. Men just don’t get that

    This is why you are my peng yu!!!I go blahblahblah that bitch that bastard blahblah and you just yup uhu and then?

  2. marina

    Good lord! Pasta and seafood and chilli prawn …

    *Moans loudly*

    Mi piace molto mangiare fruitti di mare!!!

    *gains another 5 kilos for just thinking of the yummilicious food*

  3. ian

    Oh great, spaghetti with chilli king prawns, pan-fried scallops and calamari… I’d be a “gigolo” for that gluttony (without the sex of course). But on second thought, if she’s really hot and still wants to pay me dinner for sex, I wouldn’t mind either… HAHAHA!

    Ahh… wishful thoughts, how nice…

  4. mooiness Post author

    damion: wow that my dinner was free, or wow that I admit that I don’t mind being a gigolo/house husband? Either way, I RAWK! Wahahah.

    MagC: Hehe yup a skill that I have now perfected to my advantage.

    sourrain: *sob* I heart you!

    marina: oh trust me when I said it was AWESOME. I still drool thinking about it.

    ian: yeahloh, I am wishful, you are wishful. Heh.


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