Xiaxue’s fans are the pwn

June 3, 2006 2:02 PM

You know, I might just make this a weekly feature. As long as Xiaxue remains a blogger, there will be an idolising fan born every minute. We cannot blame them though because they are young so they are not sophisticated enough yet to realise that seriously, there’s more blogs out there worthy of their admiration.

But anyways, as I’ve said I might start a weekly feature highlighting the “Xiaxue fan post of the week”. Let’s see how long I can milk this. As usual, I’m using Technorati as my trusted tool.

From the post unaltered:

I have to agree the way she types is not those ‘professional’ English and that it is more of the ‘Singlish’ style. Yet I have to applaud the way she expresses herself. Strong and furious? Something like that. She has that dry humour and yet she can STRONLY express herself in words. Lols. This, my friends, I adore. XD But anyway, another recommend for excellent English reading.

“another recommend for excellent English reading”.

Her English sucks badly enough and she looks up to Xiaxue for examples on good English writing? Oh my. In the same post, she compares Xiaxue with Miss Izzy (formerly of http://sarongpartygirl.blogspot.com). Heheh, that’s a disjointed comparison if there ever was one.

And her blog design is awful. Here’s a free tip for her: if you want to aspire to be a blogger who gets paid for bad writing, at least make it easier for your visitors. That crappy template of yours sux. Lols. XD

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19 thoughts on “Xiaxue’s fans are the pwn

  1. Pamie Cheah

    I’m speechless when it comes to xiaxue.
    I truly fail to see her appeal, and yet, thousands flock to her blog everyday.
    It’s such a scary thought that these people actually place her on a pedestal!

    I’m completely on board with you. There are far better blogs that I can “recommend for excellent english reading”. (-_-)

    And yet, her garbage appeal remains. @#$%$!!!!

  2. Don't Bluff Me

    hair & makeup, dudes, hair & makeup, wahaha …

    u wanna look like xx, DBM here can zh’ng 4 u, u wanna 2 look lian or juz wanna look slut – DBM got packages 2 suit diff budget. colored contacts, hair hilights, makeup, nail art, g string, shoes, bags, MP3 players, digicams, cellphone/PDA, ayah, ?? onli wat! still cannot make it, DBM call in extreme makeover plastic surgery 4 u …

    sum pple r juz simply shallow – wat 2 do? youth got nuttin’ 2 do widdit. sum young punks hv brains like Gayle Goh who’s the antithesis of xx – who being d physical & intellectual midget she is – just don’t geddit – fwah!

  3. virgin_undergrad

    i was very tickled when i read one of the opening lines of her posts saying something along the lines of ‘i stayed over at Mike’s Apartment’

    Any hormonally charged, single (read: wanking) male who surfs the net, definitely knows what the ‘Mike’s Apartment’ is about. 😉

  4. mooiness Post author

    Don’t Bluff Me: err yeah.

    v.u.: heheh. She stayed over only what. What else could possibly happened???

    Kate: sorry to have done that. You can go wash out your eyes now. 😛

    Irene: aren’t they? so easy to make fun of too.

  5. Jon

    I absolutely HATE javascript blogs, the kind of designs that make you search the entire page for the correct buttons (often hidden) to view the content which automatically pops up without loading simply because it’s been loaded at the very beginning but remained hidden.

    Absolutely Irritating…

    May her soul rest in peace.

  6. sourrain

    We love her because she gives us something to biatch about.Her and her legion of semi-idiotic fans.

    Enough said.

    Out of purely research for this comment, I accessed her ‘comments’ box.Did you see the gazillions of requests for a picture of Mike’s blonde hair???

    Never see angmoh before arh??!

  7. mooiness Post author

    Skyler: navigational links that are hard to find, posts that don’t appear until you click on one of those hard-to-find links. A blog is meant to be read, and is not a puzzle to be cracked. 😉

  8. BabyGurl

    Like hey, thanks for commenting on how user-unfriendly my blog is. Don’t you just abhor it? Sadly, I kinda like it. So yeah. =) I look up to Xiaxue coz of the way she writes. What’s wrong? Miss Izzy’s writing is long and boring yet she does has a good command of English there. So yeah. =) I’m not a fan of hers. I just happen to enjoy reading her blog. If I were a fan of hers, I’d have posted comments one after another in her comment list. Which, I did not. So, Peace out. =)


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