Sexy are girls who eat / Priceless friendship

June 8, 2006 9:26 PM

Had dinner with Jaclyn tonight at Good One BBQ House in Vic Park. I had a plate of roast pork with dry noodles and she had a combination roast with rice. She polished off her plate quickly and then began to eye the dishes that other ppl are having.

She patiently waited for me to finish my noodles (I eat slow) and then said, “Let’s ordered a plate of roast duck.” I said, “Aren’t you full?” She said, “Yeah but it looks sooo good. Don’t worry, we’d only get half a duck.” So we ordered that and finished that off as well.

She was so happy eating that plate of duck that it made me happy too. There’s something to be said about girls who relish their food. I think it’s sexy. It doesn’t hurt that she looks the way she does too. In fact other girls probably hate her for it, eating the way she does and still manages to look good.

Of course she doesn’t look like that all the time. But even when she’s not dolled up, she’s still good looking. Though like all girls, she went through a phase when she thought she needed to lose weight. Even then, she looked like this:

taken 3 years ago

Tellingly she still picked a diet that will allow her to eat: The Atkins Diet. Heh.

She’s one of my friends who came back from HK. And turns out she’s changed her plans and will be here semi-permanently. However long that means, I’m glad to have her back in my immediate social circle for now.

In between gorging ourselves on the food, she updated me with her life in HK and her plans in Perth. We reminisce about past experiences, good and bad, and talked about relationships – ours and other ppl’s. We met up for only two hours tonight and it really does not feel like I haven’t seen her for an entire year.

She’s the one whom I talked about in my post, “Low Maintenance Friends“. I have quite a few friends who are just as low maintenance. Friends that I never lose a step with no matter how long or how far apart we are.

Friendships like these are priceless. I feel complete because of them. That plus my family, and the simple pleasures in life are my formula for happiness.

So reach out and get in touch with that lost long friend of yours. It’s worth it. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Sexy are girls who eat / Priceless friendship

  1. mooiness Post author

    ront: it’s ok to drool. 😉

    Herman: yeah they are pretty good. All of their roast stuff is excellent.

    v.u.: yeah man she’s got more of those photos too. When she was in HK, she mixed around in the entertainment business.

  2. ian

    I guess almost everyone has complimented her looks, I shall not make anymore redundant remarks.

    When you mentioned that a girl who relishes her food can appear very attractive, by looking on the other side, a girl who declines most of the food that you enjoy and hope to share is a major turn-off. Imagine when you are planning to order this juicy, succulent roast duck, and she goes, “Eeww… that’s fattening!” or “Nah, I don’t eat this, that, this, that”…

    But when they argue that they try to look good for you (if she’s ur girl) or for themselves, what will you rebunk?

  3. mooiness Post author

    spinnee: she’s chio indeed. 😉 Yeah I remember when she did it, she was quite lethargic. She was slim but she got no energy so what’s the point?

    ian: erm it depends on the girl. If she *really* needed to lose weight, then yes it’s commendable. But she’s already slim, then no – those kinda girls turn me off actually. I don’t want stick-thin. I want girls with curves. 😉

    Leonard: wah lau her appetite was more than mine man!

  4. marina

    This is exactly the type of girl I’d crazy envious of. They can eat everything they want and still look slim while people like me gets the fat in all the wrong places.

    Its very sad, I tell you.

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