Germany FIFA World Cup 2006 – Australia vs. Japan

June 12, 2006 11:39 PM

John Aloisi 3rd goal for Australia vs. Japan
Photo: Tim Clayton

Australia 3 Japan 1.

Australia’s first win ever, in its first World Cup finals appearance since 1974. All 3 goals scored within the last 8 minutes of the game. Needless to say it was bloody awesome. Woot.

Sydney Morning Herald – A day to remember for Socceroos

13 thoughts on “Germany FIFA World Cup 2006 – Australia vs. Japan

  1. JJJ

    teehee….contemplating whether it’s safe to turn up to work tomorrow…the Japs take it so seriously…should have seen their faces after the first OZ goal…..

  2. mooiness Post author

    JJJ: hehehe and don’t call them “Japs” either! It’s rude! It’s like us being called “Chinks”. Anyways, good luck tomorrow at work. Try to act sad for them. Hahahah!

  3. ricka

    who would of guessed that Oz would win. There must of been a bigger majority putting their bets on Japan. I thought Aussies were only good at swimming hehehe

  4. JJJ

    hehe…yeh I know I know…but I already made a deal with my “Japs” friend…see, they thought that calling people who live in Australia “Aussie” was rude, so I said “well, as long as you dont mind me calling you Japs, I dont see why you can’t call Australian people Aussie….see..Australia = Aussie, Japanese = Japs, fair right”….LOL….so they said “yeah, of course, no problem, that’s better than Jap-sie”…LOL…so there, I did consult with them and got their permission….LOL…

  5. Rob

    woohoo best comeback I’ve seen in a World Cup (yeah I know, I’m biased). could have so easily gone the other way, in which case we’d all be bitching about losing to a dodgey goal.

  6. Leonard

    its a great job from the Australia team, the japanese were tired after challenging for every ball with the bigger size Australians for 84 mins.

    the determination of Australia paid off!

  7. LupinTan

    I still can’t bloody come to term that the socceroos scored 3 bloody goals in the last 5 mins, 2 of which is in Injury Time.

    Bloody Good show by the Aussie teams.
    Especially Tim Cahill, nice second goal.

  8. WinterAngelzzZ

    hmmm…did any1 notice tat Aussie players are so rough in the game??I mean I saw quite alot of shoving of Japanese players whenever they are runnin for the ball..kinda not fair I feel..esp I dont see Japanese players doin tat..Sigh..I so wanna Japan to win..& its so sad to see a lil Japanese boy cried at the end..


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