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June 14, 2006 6:52 PM

Singapore Straits Times Online Mobile Print

Singapore’s Straits Times Online Mobile Print is a new fandangle portal that features the “Star Blog“. Have you seen it yet?

Among others, the “Stars” include Xiaxue, Dawn Yang, and the MTV Asia VJ Twins May & Choy. Each week, they would each blog about a set topic presumably chosen by The Straits Times, or would it be voted by the readers? It wasn’t clear. And the portal seems to want to be all encompassing judging by its name.

The very first topic is “Angmoh Uncle and the Singapore Girl“. Well worn territory and definitely a cliche – aren’t we tired of SPG stories already? (On a side note, read The Screwy Skeptic’s post “Once You Go Asian” about the same.)

Although, STOMP is a very innovative project indeed. No one can say blogging is a waste of time now. I mean sure, not every blogger will become famous and rich from it but the activity itself has definitely hit the mainstream HARD.

Old media has embraced new media with a humongous bear hug. Rock on.

(via Mr. Miyagi and Jeff Ooi; launch pics at themediaslut)

16 thoughts on “STOMP – Star Blog

  1. mr X

    SPGs is a BORING topic, done to death hasn’t it?

    but man i like the wednesday chat feature, perhaps if i sweet talk dawn yang for 10 weeks i can get her to go out with me!! hehe.

  2. Rob

    Great looking site but the content is dull. This is what happens when you get tight government media control meets trying to look hip and modern. “The Man” just ain’t cool. the SPG topic is dead. the inter-racial thing just isn’t taboo anymore. The VJ Twins May and Choy are hot tho. they need to put up more photos of them 🙂

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  4. mooiness Post author

    Rob: agreed. Nice aesthetics, but overdone story with regards to the first week’s topic. Let’s hope they get more juicy stuff next time. And yeah the MTV twins – somehow that pic on the portal entrance does not do them justice. The pics at themediaslut are better. 🙂

  5. Kynne

    For a Mensa member, she sure does not know how to spell.


    Porshe? Mine!!!111?


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  7. blinkymummy

    Erm… It felt very weird…
    Watching the vidcasts.

    It’s like… 1984.


    How come they didn’t get Gayle (the supposed smart blogress) as part of Star Blog?

    Why get 2 blogress with huge identity crisis and too much makeup??

  8. mooiness Post author

    Kynne: that “mine!!!111” bit is just geek humour but yeah how can she not spell “Porsche”? Can’t she at least look it up on the net first? Looks like The Straits Times don’t vet the articles before they go live too. Learning process for them perhaps. 😉

    BM: they went for the common denominator, which is appearance and supposed good looks. This is mass media afterall. 😉

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