Writer’s block and plagiarism

June 15, 2006 9:21 PM

As bloggers, writer’s block gets to us from time to time. However, I won’t succumb to plagiarising somebody’s work. I have never done it and I never will. But looks like Kenny Sia has. What do I mean? You be the judge.

Everybodi Lafu Rojaks – “FIFA Worldcup 2006 Secrets Revealed“, posted 8th June 2006.

rojaks fifa worldcup post

Kenny Sia – “How To Make Your Own Official World Cup Ball“, posted 14th June 2006. 6 days later.

kenny sia fifa post

So maybe Kenny thought that the audience for his blog and Rojaks’ would not overlap? And no one would find out? What a silly Kenny. Doesn’t he know that on the Internet, everyone can hear you scream? And everyone can bitch slap you at the speed of thought. How fast!? *SLAP* That fast!

Don’t plagiarise. Especially not when you are now one of a privileged few who gets paid and sponsored to blog. You got punk’d beeyotch!

(Thanks Cynthia!)

45 thoughts on “Writer’s block and plagiarism

  1. mooiness Post author

    passerBY, or should I call you Kenny: if your post had appeared within a day, or even 2 days of each other, then I would have cut you some slack. But your post appeared *6 days* later. Coincidence? I think not.

    The least you could have done was to acknowledge where you got the inspiration for the story from. Asswipe.

    ps. You are not the only one in IT.

    Cynthia: wait lah. Big one prolly still coming?

    sourrain: exactly. Could have mentioned Rojaks in a footnote at the very least. What a douche.

  2. Hijackqueen

    This is taken from kennysia.com comment page – “Anonymous at 7:47am + holyday, haha! I didn’t realise wingz had a similar one up before already. Nahhh, we thought of the same thing independantly. Anyway I e-mailed him and apologised. I guess you could say that we both have really sick minds.”

    Wah, passeby using the word “independently” – the exact word in Kennysia’s comment. Check them out dude. Anyway, If it is really a cross of mind, why would kenny want to apologize to Wingz? No one owe no one any apology. But can’t deny Kenny is really a good writer. Wingz, jia yu la wei!!!

  3. passerBY

    but my name isn’t kenny. could i be just looking up for him on technorati? i think you’re just confused…. conspiracy theories you’ve got a lot, hard concrete evidence you don’t have any.

    i had a look thru your archives. you seem like a good writer. just ignorant most of the time. pity.

  4. passerBY

    ok 1st you said i’m kenny and now you’re saying that i didn’t read thru ur archives. both untrue backed by screencaps that don’t mean a thing. have you ever considered the diff possiblities?

    is it possible to even leave comments in here without you jumping to conclusions!?!?

  5. BabyGurl

    Well, I guess you triumph on other’s mis-footing. So you’re implying that you have writer’s block thus using Kenny’s entry and another blogger’s entry which is a total coincidence, as an excuse? That’s absolutely wonderful of you! Unless you didn’t realize I was being sarcastic?

  6. mooiness Post author

    Pamie Cheah: nope, not anti-celebrity. More anti-hypocrisy and anti-plagiarism. 😉

    I have no problems with similar posts, just credit the source of your inspiration.

  7. ff

    for goodness sakes, i’m sure Wingz isn’t the only person who thought of it. it’s just that he saw it FIRST, and as Kenny doesn’t follow world cup news before it starts, he doesn’t know. great minds think alike and all that. you are so illogical.

  8. sexythang

    if kenny is a great mind…..im a god. his post would have been funny if he used his ‘head’ literally. instead of the ball…..then paste “used” tampons on top. my original idea….you bet. the look on kenny’s face=priceless=cost of the ‘kenny’ ball.

  9. piffles

    sometimes seeing the same thing on several blogs is a bit boring. and if you’ve snickered or laughed at the first one you saw, you can’t laugh again the next time you see it. apologies for the horrendous english, hope you get my meaning. =)

  10. kennysia

    Apply Rule No. 2 of How To Get Easy Blog Traffic now aren’t You?

    It is inevitable, with so many people blogging, that sometimes ideas overlap and similar entries pop up. There’s no mechanism to control that.


    One could argue that when you wrote about The Stellars, you are plagiarising from me.

    If your post had appeared within a day, or even 2 days of mine, then I would have cut you some slack. But your post appeared *1 month* later. (yes, and this line was plagiarised from you)

    On that entry, one of your commenters wrote “is she from the stellars or something?? didnt kenny sia do something on them?” You replied “ally: yeah she is but see, I only occasionally read Kenny Sia.”

    Likewise, I only occasionally read Wingz. And the fact that he and I had similar ideas is nothing more than coincidence.

    I did not plagiarise from Wingz. I vehemothly deny any allegations that I do. If I were guilty of plagiariasing, I would be scrambling my arse cover it up right now, deleting comments and removing entries. If I were guilty of plagiarising, I would have targetted an obscure blog, not one that I have linked to on my sidebar for several months now.

    In all seriousness, Marcus, I don’t know why you are treating me like this.

    Have I ever openly discredit you on my blog?

    Have I never treated you with dignity and respect?

    I am a reasonable man, Marcus. You might think differently of me, but in the minimal amount of time that we’ve interacted, and from the common friends that we share, I can infer that you a reasonable person too. We may not have always seen eye to eye – hardly anyone does – but I have always treated you with respect.

    I have never called you names.

    I have never accused you of doing something without looking at both sides of the story first.

    So why are you doing this to me, Marcus? Jumping to conclusions, making false accusations, trying to hurt my reputation? Why don’t you perhaps e-mail me, the same way you e-mailed me when Curtis G was targetted by racist commenters, and resolve issues gentlemen’s way?

    When I was in Miri, I even got people coming up to me asking “What’s going on between mooiness and you”. I don’t know how to answer.

    Perhaps you have to re-think the way you deal with people, Marcus. You can’t just judge, jump and criticise people without evaluating the facts first. Blogs are a public medium, and feelings do get hurt.

    To you, this might just be another entry to make you the hero in everyone’s eyes. To me, my integrity (not that I have much to begin with) has been irrevocably damanged as a result.

    Please Marcus, Blog Responsibly.

  11. ShaolinTiger

    You have no integrity Kenny, that’s why you delete my comments from your site every time I bother to visit and drop a few words there.

    You are a fat spineless pussy who blogs just to get laid by brainless singaporean sluts.

    If that works my tubby friend, more power to you 🙂

  12. kennysia

    Bitter aren’t you. Tell me, why should I even bother to keep your comments when they are all abusive personal attacks like the one above?

    Is there a reason why I can’t delete abusive comments?

    Hey, I deleted the kimfucksdogs comment as well when your ‘friend’ asked me to. Should I post it back up to ‘maintain my integrity’?

  13. Izzati

    I saw the other link.

    It could be just a coincidence. I don’t think kenny meant to copy another person.

    Besides kenny’s one is funnier and more creative (not to say the rojak’s one isn’t funny as well) both posts are funny but i don’t think there’s enough reliable proof to start those snotty accusations concerning plagiarism.

    Let’s take this scenario:

    If someone bitch-talked about xiaxue’s expos. (um, i apologize to sensitive xiaxue fans but im just taking an example)

    remember the xiaxue exposed for impersonating xialanxue saga?

    So many ppl start blogging about it.

    Including you. Would that be plagiarism then?

    No harm intended. Just my 2 cents. -a kenny fan

  14. Izzati

    Or another e.g. :

    if you blogged one day:

    “oh my friend stole my keys.”

    And suddenly, another day, God made another person think:

    “oh shit. she stole my keys.”

    Would that be plagiarism???? Not enough reliable proof eh?? Unless kenny sia copied ROJAK’S PICTURE.

    You can’t hold enough proof for people “copying ideas.” Ideas are abstract. And i don’t think kenny copied, but thats just my personal view.


  15. Skyler

    You have no integrity either, ShaolinTiger.

    Because if you did, you wouldn’t classify Kenny Sia fans as “teenagers who can’t string a sentence together”.

    I like reading him but no, I would not bed him even if my life depended on it.

  16. Yan Ying

    All the pads in the world belongs to Izzati. =D Oh, and by the way, this is called PLAGIARISM?!?! I’m surprised at some people, you know. I mean, if someone were to point to the official world cup ball- the place with the addidas sign and all- and ask me what does that looks like.
    Straight. My answer would be a panty liner.
    And I’m lucky NOT to have blogged about that, because some people who are JUST SO DUMB will accuse me of plagiarism.
    Duh. Don’t you have something better to do?

  17. Yan Ying

    Fine, 1st example: Someone planted a sunflower in the garden.
    Then 6 days later, I plant a sunflower in the garden.
    Yeah, I think Izzati has better examples though. =D

  18. BabyGurl

    Ever heard of great minds think alike? Or you’re just trying to stir up a controversial topic and increase traffic to your blog?

  19. Ronnie

    wow, what a drama….

    Mooi, sorry i’ve been stalking your website for the past few days coz i’ve a bit time on my hands
    to waste recently(making a self-confession here, coz i realised u could track my IP history anayway..haha)

    actually, it’s rather clear to me whether or not if there was some form of plagiarism…coz normally when someone has a ‘raw’ & ‘fresh’ concept born in his head, the normal course of action is to present it on the blog at its raw & basic “conceptual stage”..as in, just a picture of “Kotex” & “soccer ball”, that’s all…which was what Rojaks did..

    As for Kenny, he even went through great lengths to produce an end-product..by getting the actual Kotex, scribble on them, & paste on the ball…just to illustrate a “concept” to blogreaders?
    this is quite incongruent with normal human psychological & behavioural dynamics…

    clearly, there was an intent or attempt (be it conscious or unconscious, deliberate or undeliberate) to “differentiate” the content so as to pass it off as an ‘original idea’.

    which is to say, Rojaks idea of the suck-cer ball, was clearly presented in its “conceptual stage” & Kenny’s version was at the “developed stage”..

    unless Kenny had the intent of wanting to make the Suck-cer ball a commercially-viable product, it didn’t make sense to me that someone present a fresh concept to blogreaders in this manner..

  20. Alicia

    I really don’t know what the big deal is. Look, I blog on LiveJournal and I can tell you guys that A LOT of people have commented that the WC 06 ball looks like a maxi pad. It’s not like it isn’t obvious! So could I now accuse Rojak of plagarism? FFS, get over yourself! Why can’t Kenny have have the same line of thought as someone else? The entries weren’t even that similar. I’m not a Kenny Sia fangirl, but I must say that your accusation is lame, at best. Just because two bloggers think the ball looks like a pad doesn’t mean that either of them practice plagarism.

  21. Ronnie

    by making the above analysis, i’m not trying to sow a discord here between the factions.

    to be fair to Kenny, since he has already emailed wingz & apologised about the similarity in ideas to Wingz, it’s considered a “private” & “closed” transaction between just the two of them.

    thus, it’s not for the rest to say anymore.

    ya, so…let’s move on

  22. Neo

    Marcus, I think you are just trying to defame Kenny. Accept your wrongdoing and apologize like a man. Your ego would be the death of you someday =P

  23. Jon

    Oooh… controversy, I like.

    Will be taking Marcus’s stand here and agree that kenny sia plagiarised to a certain extent. But I’m guilty of that crime in many stages of my life so who am I to lay blame.

    On another note… people, it’s the 2nd of July, this was posted on the 15th of June. Let’s calm down and be rational.

    Chill kenny…


  24. marsha

    Haish!! What is this? I have loads of stuff that looked like what other bloggers in the world blog about as well. I say….it’s silly cause lots of people can think the same thing too, you know.

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  28. hkk

    wow, you can track other’s people ip, scary!!
    (bleh, is like a 12 years old kid couldn’t do that with the help of google)

    bravo to the president of BLABBR.

    and the comment below is just fresh from kenny sia hate comment generator.

    [Hate Comment]
    Marcus! You are a really horrible person. I bet you are seeking controversy just to make your blog more popular. Don’t argue with me. I already know it’s true.

    On top of that, I think you are so FAKE and POSER!!!

    I tell you what, Marcus. I think you better remove this entry. Don’t say I am selfish. I’m not trying to control you or censor Marcus on your own mooiness.com, but I think the best thing is to delete that entry. While you’re at it, might as well delete the whole damn mooiness.com. [/Hate Comment]


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