Dear Diary

June 21, 2006 9:08 AM

Today is one of those days that my glass is running a bit low. So here’s some random diary-style “life events”. Blog = weblog = diary innit?!

  • Mom’s going to KL/Shanghai tomorrow for a month. Meaning? More fast food, more spaghetti and pasta, more porridge, more pizza, more take-away food. Though, she has hoarded a lot of her secret stock in the freezer for use with any kind of cooking that we may wish to do.
  • I got a job at my company for a waitress who used to work in my restaurant. The banter that we have reminds me of those days. It’s great.
  • Last night, Snoop rather sleep outside in the cold than in my warm room. What?! Have I been snoring too loud??? Could be, I’ve been rather tired everyday for the past week or so.
  • Why am I tired? Not sleeping when I should be but blogging, reading blogs, and chatting whilst listening to hyper music. Then there’s TV. Then there’s the weekend clubbing and drinking.
  • Wendy’s got a new boyfriend. Back to just me and Simon for our fun and frivolities. I foresee more trips to the strip club due to her not being out with us. :mrgreen:
  • Banana’s at AUD$10 per kg. Result? Less bananas, less regular. Metamucil perhaps?

9 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. ront

    what??!?!?! banana at AUD10+/kg??? hand-nurtured,picked,selected,cleaned,packaged banana?? hang on…that’s probably the way it is done anyway…where does those banana come from?
    here’s its those from costa rica, ecuador stuffs…and i am already not happy with 2€/kg

  2. mooiness Post author

    Cynthia: I where got say I wouldn’t take supplement? 😉

    JadedLotus: heheh *if* you can find them on the store shelves. Some shops are completely out at times.

    ront: yeah dude. Australia grows all of its bananas, we don’t import due to strict quarantine regulations. Queensland is the major producer in this country and Cyclone Tracy wiped out most of its stock. Hence – low supply + high demand = exorbitant prices.

    MagC: thanks for the tip. 🙂


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