Unhealthily Obsessed with Celebrities

June 22, 2006 11:26 AM

Pet gripes of celebrities:

  1. I never asked to be famous.
  2. I never wanted to be a role model.
  3. I just want to be left alone.
  4. Being rich is not easy.

Did I leave out any?

So what’s the easy way out of their problems? Get out of the limelight altogether – except they don’t. They like being famous.

Having said that, all the above is ok. Us fans will put up with your gripes as long as the end product – your movies, your TV shows, your songs, your books and your blogs – entertain us. But when you begrudge our support by insulting us, that’s pushing it.

Celebrities should never forget that without fans who support their work, they are nothing. Of course some fans border on the obsessive.

With that thought in mind, I would like to quote the irrepressible Xiaxue from her latest post:

… just coz you are one of the 20,000 people reading this blog and thus letting me be a professional blogger does NOT give you the rights to demand anything from me.

What was their demand? For her to blog more regularly. Which when you think about it is quite reasonable. Xiaxue considers herself a professional blogger which she is because that’s all that she does. Is her life that busy that she’d neglect what is in essense her sole source of income?

Still, there are better responses directed at your fans than:

Fuck off and boycott me if you want to. If it gets bad, I’ll just work harder, blog more, and get more readers.

Celebrities need to understand that they are what they are because of their fans, and fans have to realise that celebrities are humans too. Even though some celebrities are undeserving of their fans’ adulation. 😉

For a site that brings celebrities down to the realm of us mere mortals check out Defamer (the title of this post came from one of their advertising links).

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14 thoughts on “Unhealthily Obsessed with Celebrities

  1. Ronnie

    i remember there was this very famous hawker stall in Singapore, which specializes in selling chwee-kueh. Curious about the taste, i went there to give the food a try.

    Unsurprisingly, there was an exremely long queue indeed..full of willing customers patiently waiting for their turn to order.

    i went up to the stall assistant in the front and made a comment,

    “Wah, uncle..your business very good hor..the queue so long & so many people..”

    to which he arrogantly replied,

    “If you think the queue is too long for you, then don’t come to my stall & don’t eat my chwee-kueh lah~! Go and eat from other stalls~!”

    i still joined the queue.

  2. Fr0g^__^

    Just another SPOIL BRAT~

    Well, the onli thing i see in her is the “SWOLLEN BIG HEAD” na…

    i think she dun know wat is HUMBLE means at all…


  3. Leonard

    “I just threw a durian seed out of the window!

    I’ve been throwing lychee and durian seeds out. Hope that they will all grow into tall, sturdy, fruit-bearing trees in a couple of years! :D”

    she just said something like this in the latest post too, so childish. doesn’t she has a wastepaper basket next to her?

    you’re more productive than her…you’re a celebrity blogger too!

  4. mooiness Post author

    skyler: bigheaded is fine since we don’t really care one way or the other but to attack her own fan base is just I dunno, illogical. 😉

    Ronnie: so your point is that even when you were insulted you still bought the chuey kueh. You’re saying that XX’s fans might be just as forgiving, or they view her blog that highly that they will take an insult or two? Heh.

    Frog: she long time never humble liao. I think you have to dig into her old archives to see the pristine XX and not the diva that she is now.

    Leonard: wah thanks hor, call me “celeb”. Hehe. I’m just having fun blogging. If I get famous, that’s a bonus but it isn’t my ambition. 😉

    sourrain: I’m not lah! But even if I become one, I won’t forget the little ppl one unlike *two* certain bloggers that comes to mind. 😀

    About XX being ditzy, it seems to have gotten worse isn’t it? As I’ve said above, if you dig through her archives there are some good posts in there – hey I was a fan too! 😛

  5. sourrain

    OMG moo is a celebrity!!!

    *kowtow at little grasshopper’s feet*

    seriously, ever since the appearance of her pseudo toyboy she seems more silly than ever.I did not think it was possible,but apparently it is.

    First she diss her readers by saying that shedont need them,she can work harder to find more advertisers.No readers, you think the advertisers would wanna pay her??Who wants to advertise with her if all she do is tell her readers aka market to f off?

    Then the durian tree..which, fyi,takes about 10 years to grow into a proper tree and probably about 20 years to even start bearing fruit.
    Its a suprise she’s not charged with polluting the environment of her HDB flat;throwing seeds out the window like an uneducated idiot.

  6. Ronnie

    you see, the irony is this: even as flamers & people who dislike her (such as u, leonard, skyler, etc), they’d still visit her blog to see how bigheaded she has become..

    which is to say, her high blog traffic is not necessarily due to popularity..but rather, was partly owing to her notoriority (ie. bigheadedness).. & advertisers are probably only interested in the number of hits she can generate & not how well-liked she actually is.

    whereas when i see a queue of people buying the chwee-kueh, i can safely conclude that these people are genuine customers.

    blog economics has defied the traditional economic model.

  7. girlstar7

    before reading this blog I had never even heard of this xiaxue chick. and to be honest I don’t care about her. I don’t know why she comes up in your blogs so much, usually if I see the title ‘xiaxue’ I just don’t read it. it’s a shame, cause most of your blogs are really good and I enjoy reading them. she can’t be THAT famous as I’ve never heard of her and neither has anybody I know (although I am not asian, maybe she is famous in the asian community or something).
    anyway, she sounds up herself so yeah…don’t concern yourself about her, just don’t read her blog. I don’t, and other than on your website, I never hear anything else about her.
    just my two cents worth. BTW, can you actually get paid for doing a blog? how?

  8. mooiness Post author

    Hijackqueen: yeah like I said, illogical. Too much ego to realise her humble beginnings.

    girlstar7: she’s big in Singaporean blogging circles but there are just as many Singaporeans who dislike her as like her.

    Oh I’m not concerned about her, I just love reporting on her shenanigans. 😛

    XX got enough traffic to have advertisers wanting to pay for permanent slots on her page, and then there are companies who’d pay her to appear at events and then to blog about it.

    So yes you can get paid for blogging. As for other pro bloggers, check out http://dooce.com as one example – she earns enough from her blog to live comfortably.

    ps. thank you for your kind words about my blog as always. 😉

  9. Ronnie

    i remember there was once i was taking a ride on the MRT & there was this mentally unsound guy hurling & swearing abuses at every person that stepped into the train.

    “KNNBCCB~!! @%!&$*~!! PWEE~!!
    F**K YR M#R CCB~!! @@@%$#@”…”

    being the typcial Singaporeans that don’t like to get into trouble, all the passengers just kept quiet & let him be..

    not getting the attention that he wanted, he just cursed louder, looked meaner & sweared even more… still he didn’t get a single retaliation, as the passengers maintained their poker face..

    in the end, i think he probably became too exhausted by his own undoings, so he gave up & just sat down quietly..


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