FIFA World Cup 2006 – Australia vs. Italy

June 27, 2006 1:39 AM

Socceroos at the end of their losing game against Italy, FIFA World Cup 2006
Photo: Vince Caligiuri

Italy 1 Australia 0

Argh! We fucking lost! And to a penalty shot from a dubious foul no less! It was such a close game all the way till the end as well – I was hoping for a penalty shoot out at least. Shit!

Still, the crowd and atmosphere at The Deen was fantastic. Though there were some aggro at the end when a bunch from the crowd started throwing their empty bottles at the screen. And when we got out of the place, the cops were everywhere. They must have sensed trouble too – probably listened to the score on the radio.

Pics and vid when I’ve processed them later today.

Sydney Morning Herald – Heartbreaking end for Socceroos

8 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2006 – Australia vs. Italy

  1. Simone

    Ohh, good thing we got away quick then when it ended (saw one police car just arriving).
    We were at the Shed, because Rosie O’Grady’s only had a limit of 200, and the Dean had a line outside when we arrived(about 10.40).

    The crowd at the Shed was good too, just a lot of f-words from people(including us!!), but as I said, we left quickly.
    Some poor guy was half crying outside!

    It was such a crap way to lose, it couldn’t have happened in a more crappy way!!

  2. furipu

    yeah what a kanina ending to a remarkable world cup run. if only it was dragged into extra time, aussie would’ve flogged ’em before they can say mamamia. or so i choose to think anyway =).

  3. Leonard

    it’s just seconds to be a draw game when the penalty was given for a “foul” that that italian player tried his luck on.

    he got it and totti scored. it’s kinda cruel to lose this way! 🙁


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