The Sweet Smell of Decomposition

June 30, 2006 11:58 AM

csi tv show crime scene investigation

The office had been infiltrated by mice recently. How did we find out? They chewed through a charity box of snacks and sweets – those boxes where the proceeds are collected by a charity agency. And we’ve also noticed droppings on our desks.

This morning, I was greeted by a sweet and pungent smell. At first I thought it was a colleague’s perfume so I asked her. She was insulted (heheh) and she said that’s it not her. I then looked up at the air-vent directly above my desk and the first thought that came to me was,

Oh shit. Something died up there.

Is this the smell of decomp? Not that I know what decomp would smell like but I know it’s meant to be pungent and sweet. Where did I learn this? CSI of course! (see Wikipedia for a more authorative description of decomposition)

I then looked around and under my desk expecting to see a dead mouse or a piece of rotten something. But nope. Nothing. Meanwhile, you can only smell it if you come near my desk so none of my colleagues are affected.

And I’ve now got a headache.

7 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell of Decomposition

  1. Otto

    Now here’s a tip. Not mine but from a workmate of mine when our office pantry was invaded by a friendly furry neighbour.

    I was cussing, “Damn bloody mouse! Eating my favourite cookie!” while throwing a box of it away into the bin. Workmate came ala Mission Impossible Tom Cruise’s style – “Don’t call him ‘mouse’. He doesn’t like it!”

    I looked at her, trying to decide if she was mad or I was. “So what do you call him?”

    “Uncle. You call him uncle. Or he’ll keep eating our stuff because he’s angry with us,”

    “Because we disrespected him by calling him MOUSE?” I asked.

    “Now shush!” she said.

    So Marcus, call the good furry one, “Uncle”. Maybe you will then find him.

  2. mooiness Post author

    Leonard: have done that, have even opened the window in the cold of winter! Nvm, I’ve told the boss oredi and he’s gonna check out the vents on the weekend.

    Otto: now that’s plain loopy. Got me some Fruit Loops? 😀

  3. Herman

    there was once, a big rat died inside our ventilation system. The whole house smelt like garbage. U know what happen when we found it ? It is full of maggots and fly…

    But then again, that was in the tropics. I don’t know about here in winter.


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