“30 Days” experiment

July 1, 2006 12:07 AM

supersize me fat ronald mcdonald

Feed me this. Yes it’s like Morgan Spurlock’s little experiment and his TV show “30 Days” but not as drastic. 😉

Inspiration source #1 – I was cleaning up my office desk this afternoon and saw a pile of items.

Inspiration source #2 – Upon reflecting this to my colleague, he gave me a brilliant idea.

So what’s the mystery? Well I’m gonna eat a different variety of a particular food item for 30 days and photograph it. All will be revealed at the end of the project which will be the 30th of July. You can guess what that food item is but I won’t confirm nor deny it.

Meanwhile, please come back daily for a peek into my little world. :mrgreen:

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6 thoughts on ““30 Days” experiment

  1. marina

    Hmm … Sounds like a great experiment! Lets see, pringles on monday, sour cream and onions of course. Cinnamon pretzels on tuesday, french fries wednesdays, fried chicken thursdays, whopper burger fridays, pizza saturdays, fish and chips sundays

    Man what a life!

  2. Ronnie

    Alaskan Abalone, Sri Lankan Shark’s Fins, Bangkok Bird’s Nest, French Foie Gras, Caspian Caviar, Kobe Beef, Scottish Salmon, Tuscan Truffles, Norwegian Sea Urchin Roe, Royal Jelly Honey Pudding, Russian Razor Clams, Scandinavian Saffron…

  3. Sam

    hi im doing my a 5 a day project were im doing an animation were im going include a picture plz do u think i could use this picture of super size me ronald mcdonald


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