Sunday BBQ

July 3, 2006 9:02 AM

It was a lovely day yesterday for a Sunday barbecue on the Perth foreshore in South Perth. Thanks to Cynthia for organising it. I was just a tag along.

4 guys trying to look cool.

But then couldn’t hold it.

These were the ppl in attendance (minus Rodney who was taking the pics, and Jolene and Fiona who went off to get more drinks).

Most of the time I looked like this. 5 hours of watching football the night before and being slightly hung over, *and* having back pains will do that to ya.

Check out Cynthia’s post for more pics and thanks to Rodney for taking photos.

9 thoughts on “Sunday BBQ

  1. Leonard

    after reading Cynthia’s post, i could see u guys enjoyed urself.

    hope the one meet-up that i’m organising would be as successful… 😉

    what’s the feeling of BBQ under the hot sun or was it hot?

  2. mooiness Post author

    Just aim to have fun and you will. The important thing is to have a time and place nailed down – then everyone can just concentrate on the socialising. 🙂

    It wasn’t hot but it wasn’t cold either – very very nice for a winter day. That’s why you can see most of us only wearing t-shirts.

  3. JJJ

    What a beautiful day to have barbie on the foreshore. Man, that’s one thing I miss about Perth, beautiful weather and Aussie BBQ, look at the blue blue sky…and btw, you didnt look as if you were nacked to me from those pictures.

  4. JL

    I kept thinking to myself, “What is weird about these pics?” And then i realised… it’s w.i.n.t.e.r. and you and your friends are in short sleeves, without scarves or jumpers or anything vaguely wintery in sight. Go Perth winters!

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