Hangout Hotel at Mount Emily

July 5, 2006 8:30 PM

hangout hotel singapore, lobby, reception and room

I’ve decided to stay at Hangout Hotel when I next go to Singapore. Looks kinda cool and funky yeah? And it’s cheaper than Allson which I stayed at last time: SGD$76 compared to SGD$115 per night for a room with a Queen-sized bed.

I can’t remember how I came across it now – someone mentioned it in passing to me or did I stumble upon the site while browsing the net? Doesn’t matter, it’s a great find.

Two facilities of utmost importance to me which Hangout has: in-house laundromat and free Internet usage. The laundromat is good for obvious reasons and the free Internet usage is for me to do work and blogging with.

The trip is tentatively scheduled for early-mid November, and I want to stay for a week. Will try to get only 3 days taken off my leave by offering to do half-days’ work* while I’m there. Clever eh?

I plan to catch up with some friends whom I won’t get to see in December because they are usually away on their holidays. Mostly though, it’d be R&R and a fun experiment living and working in a different city. Blinkymummy is already drawing up an itinerary for me. Heheh.

Come Xmas time, I might just go again. Actually, I should say I’m most definitely gonna go again. Then, I’d follow on as usual to KL and Penang. Heh, it’s only July and I’m already planning my end of year holiday. Can’t wait. Woohoo!

* most of my work can be done as long as I have an internet connection.

13 thoughts on “Hangout Hotel at Mount Emily

  1. Leonard

    hey, thats a cool hotel lobang u have there…

    can i drop by to take a look too?

    since u coming, we can meet up too…okay anot.. hope BM’s itinerary for you is not too tight until cannot “squeeze me in”!!

  2. mooiness Post author

    cupcakequeen: Istana eh? Pity I’m not the touristy type. Hahah!

    Rob: should be good for the food.

    Ronnie: join? you are there already what.

    Leonard: yeah we should meet up for a drink or two. 🙂

  3. Kate

    hey.. visited a friend who stayed there for a couple of days… really cool place and within walking distance to little india and town… heard the food is good too.. 😉

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