DIY Arrange Marriages

July 8, 2006 1:04 PM

I saw this Google ad popped up on my site for – an Indian DIY Arrange Marriage site.

Jeevansathi, Indian site for DIY arrange marriages

“WTF?!”, you said? Heh. I was intrigued too so I went and checked it out.

And this is what I saw.

Jeevansathi, bridges and grooms on front page

Arranged marriages, as outdated as those of us who have been Westernised or living in modern Asian countries may feel, are still occuring today. I still remember an Indian friend from uni who got married all of a sudden by declaring to his parents,

Ok I’m ready for marriage now. I am ready for you to find me a wife.

His parents gave him a “selection” of potential brides. He picked one and presumably the woman thought he was “ok” too, and they met up. The courtship lasted less than a month before they became husband and wife. In a way, I find the process very economical and efficient. No wasted time barking up the wrong trees, no back and forth finding out what “I really want”, no statements of “I’m not ready for commitment yet” – because you know that they want to marry too!

Traditionally, the control and selection of potential partners are in the hands of the parents. Modern times necessitate modern methods – this site puts it all in the hands of the potential brides and grooms. I think that is very cool.

Having said that though, the concept of the site is merely a twist on those of the myriad of dating sites out there on the Internet. Nonetheless, viva la technologie!

ADDED July 9th 2006 3:07PM
For a completely different view of arranged marriages, see the New York Times’ “The Bride Price” about child brides in Afghanistan.

5 thoughts on “DIY Arrange Marriages

  1. marina

    The difference between this website compared to others is that its honest, direct and to the point.

    There’s nothing wrong with arranged marriages. Its already proven that they last longer and are more solid.

  2. mooiness Post author

    marina: no one said arranged marriages were wrong, unless the parties were forced into it which still happens today.

    Herman: in a way yes – they don’t throw in the towel that easily.

  3. Otto

    We are more mobile these days and it is not even gender specific. Both men and women are able to go to work, study, travel etc. We have a variety of choices and can chose to go into a relationship or back out. Women contributed a lot to this as well by being financially free.

    So I don’t think a previously effective method of arranging marriage in the past will work in this day and time.


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