The Most Amazing Dog in the World

July 8, 2006 5:45 PM

This is an amazing story about a woman who trained a dog born without its front legs to walk upright like a human.

Nobody ever said life was easy but you have the choice to make do with you have, or whinge and whine about it. If a dog born without front legs can learn to overcome that, then seriously all you people who complain about your lives when you have it relatively easy, should take a long hard look at yourselves.

(via MetaFilter)

6 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Dog in the World

  1. jktdo

    Wow, what an amazing dog! Mind you, I watched this clip of Faith after getting up early to watch the Germany vs Portugal match so I’m a little hazy … but wow! She’s such a gorgeous dog too … awwww I want a pet now =P

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