July 15, 2006 1:48 PM

This week was like any other week. The occasional beef with a client or two, the usual all hell breaks loose when the servers go down kinda scenario, alleviated by witty banter and joking around with my colleagues.

I wasn’t more stressed than normal but TGIF is TGIF …

Hog's Breath Cafe

Right after work, I took dad to Hog’s Breath Cafe in Northbridge for steak. He loves his steaks and we don’t get to eat much of it because mom doesn’t cook beef and when we do go out, we won’t specifically go to a steakhouse either because of that.

So far this week, he’s had steak once already on Monday with my brother and yesterday was my turn. Over a couple of beers each and delicious medium-rare grilled chunks of cow flesh, we bonded over the World Cup, Malaysian politics, my mother and my brother’s ongoing arguments, and we also had time to check out the pretty waitresses and customers. Yes, this girl-watching business runs in the genes.

Took dad home after that, and I got home to get ready to go back out to Northbridge … again. To understand the logistics of this: my parents and I live south of the city, eg. south of where Northbridge is, and my work is somewhere halfway. But hey, the effort is worth it. You can’t put a price on quality time.

The Deen, pub in Northbridge

Originally I had planned to rest at home after dinner with dad, but Simon needed a drink. He’s had some serious beef at work. I told him to go vent out most of his aggression at the gym first and then I would join him after dinner.

Friday nights at The Deen is more subdued than the Saturday nights. It is not as crowded and easier to get drinks. How easy? We knocked off 5 drinks each in less than one hour. We could have gotten more tipsy if we didn’t control ourselves. But we are men, not boys. 😉

The Church nightclub, Northbridge

After The Deen, we thought we’d check out an old haunt of ours from a few years back – The Church. Besides the occasional overseas DJ gigs, the regular Friday and Saturday nights have really gone down the toilets. The main problem? Playing 5-6 year old songs or “classics” in clubbing vernacular. The Perth clubbing community has been spoiled by a lot of big name acts who play up-to-date stuff, so this old stuff just doesn’t do it for us anymore.

We caught up with Linda the bartender who’s been working at The Church on and off for the past few years. She was her usual bubbly self. I said to her, “You lost weight.” She said, “You just want a free drink don’t you?” Heheh. Well true that but I was sincere. 🙂

And yes we continued our drinking: Linda gave us a double shot of something, and then the manager gave us a shot of something else. It was all a blur by then. I only remember talking to Linda about the sorry state of the club, her working holiday in Canada, how she’s doing a post-grad in environmental science, and how she’s also a qualified web designer (*wink wink* at me) who can do part-time.

Oh, I took some pictures too.

Linda and us at The Church nightclub, Northbridge

Linda and us at The Church nightclub, Northbridge

After The Church, we went back to The Deen to sober up a little. Had copious amounts of water. It was another hour before we decided to retire for the night. Simon’s parting words to me:

Don’t go to the strip club. Going too often is bad for you.

Wise words, but damn if I didn’t feel the itch as I walked past the place on the way to the carpark.


12 thoughts on “TGIF 2

  1. Irene

    was amused to note that you’re a blogging addict through and through.

    man you sure do post a lot, with pictures to boot!

    how the heck do you find the time between work / socialising / etc LOL.

    blogging from work, i wager, as most are doing?

  2. mooiness Post author

    Irene: hehe, ah yes it finally occur to you that I’m an addict? Heh.

    I seldom blog in the office. I usually spend about 1-2 hours after work every day writing. A bit more on the weekends.

    And if I hit a sudden burst of inspiration, I’d write a few posts and then schedule them to be published over the next few days.

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