First there was STOMP, now there’s MONSTERBLOG

July 17, 2006 6:49 PM

Bloggers of MonsterBlog, a joint venture of Malaysia's New Straits Times and Jaring

Following on the heels of Singapore’s Straits Times and their STOMP portal comes MonsterBlog, a product of Malaysia’s New Straits Times in association with Jaring.

Unlike STOMP which gathered a bunch of celebrities and a couple of journalists and have them blog, MonsterBlog has instead a bunch of seasoned Malaysian bloggers (including an honourary one) plus two journalists. And unlike STOMP’s high concept portal, MonsterBlog runs on WordPress and looks and feels like just a regular blog. Why reinvent the wheel right?

The roster includes the following bloggers:

Having more and more bloggers being introduced to the mainstream can only be a good thing. Personally though, I might have second thoughts about it if I’m ever that high profile to get invited to such a thing. Why? Not that I wouldn’t want the extra attention and fame, but I feel that I just don’t need the pressure to write for *two* blogs.

I’m selfish that way – I want to write all my best stuff for my own blog. But if any newspapers wanna feature my writing now and again, I’m ok with that. 😛

New Straits Times – MoNSTer move into blogging

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