Mouth full of gold

July 19, 2006 8:22 AM

Hokkien people have this saying: chui kam kim. Direct translation: mouth holding gold. Indirect translation: mouth full of gold.

Meaning? A person who cannot bear to smile, or to say hello or thank you, least they drop that mouthful of gold. I hate people like that. Especially those whom I’ve been introduced to before. Snobs like them irk me. Makes me wanna slap them.

Say my name beeyotch! :mrgreen:

But most of the time, I can’t be bothered with them. You wanna be snobbish, I let you be snobbish. Don’t expect me to be impressed though. Don’t expect me to be friendly to you either.

10 thoughts on “Mouth full of gold

  1. Splashmilk is louyau ?

    Some ppl are like that … its really not polite … i love greetings from ppl … i love smiles every morning. Well … dont call me painfully funny for nothing, innit? Tee-Hee

  2. Leonard

    this is a problem of myself, not in the sense of not smiling of saying thank you but rather keeping quiet and didnt say a word..

    i heard comments that my mouth is full of gold too..hahaha

  3. JJJ

    yeah, really dont understand why some people cannot say simple “thank you”. It’s all to do with their upbringing I guess, or at least that’s the only reason I can think of anyway.

  4. mooiness Post author

    splashmilk: yeah lah. I mean even grumpy ppl know that it’s better to see a smiling face than not.

    ricka: exactly. Especially in a restaurant, you might get better service too.

    Leonard: shy is different to being rude lah. 😉

    JJJ: true that. How the parents are is a good indication of what the kids would be like.

    sourrain: Heh. I’m not that egoistic to assume that. These ppl are just snotty bastards/bitches to me.

    Herman: the difference between shy and rudeness is in how they look at you, it’s quite obvious. And this post is about the rude ones.

  5. YC

    ouch. who stepped on your tail mooi?

    I love saying thank you-s! I say thanks to everyone for some reason. Malaysians get really shocked to hear a simple thank you though.

    When I first relocated to my new job in KL, the indian man who owns the sundry shop below my office was weirded out when I thank-ed him with a big smile. He must have thought “Crazy girl who thanked me for spending her money in my stall?!”

    Few months down the road, I still thank him every single day. In return, he throws in a free bottle of my favorite original flavored Vitagen in return.

  6. ian

    Someone suggested to me that, if the person who doesn’t reciprocate when you smile at them, they’re most probably intimidated by you. So, you might not be surrounded by snobs, but shy and intimidated people instead. Haha!

  7. mooiness Post author

    YC: heheh. who stepped on my tail? Oh, various ppl – there’s always at least one in every social circle.

    Your story is very true. I get the same reactions in Malaysia because I say thanks profusely too. It’s got its benefits like you getting your Vitagen. 😉

    ian: you think? Even after a smile and a friendly greeting? I tend to be cynical and would think them rude and snobby. But your theory has some truth in it.


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